Key 3: Journaling

Recycled Packing Materials For Art Journaling Inspiration!


Recycled Packing Materials For Art Journaling Inspiration closes out our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #3-Journaling. This practice is truly one of the most effective and satisfying methods of reducing stress and anxiety.

It’s such a creative process, whether using words, images, art, or a combination of all of that. It gets the stress out of you and on to the page. That’s the whole point.

Raw Packing Materials


I’m sharing a page from my journal in which I used recycled packing materials. Our son owns a cafe and something came shipped with these cool shapes. I was so excited about them. He laughed at me and said, “Let me take the product out and you can have the whole box!” Clearly it made me happy.

Is this a gorgeous piece of art? No. Was it fun as heck to create? Yes! When folded, the pieces look different than when stretched out. Here, I used them as stencils, while, on another page, I glued them open in strips, to have a dimensional effect.


The journaling words on the adjacent page had to do with my impression that day of people all inside of their buildings at work, separate from nature and each other, no one seemingly caring about anyone else as they were holed up in their crowded structures.

Our son was thrilled for me that I had such a deep expression from his about-to-be-discarded packing cardboard. I was happy to have released my stress. He joked (or so he thought) about possibly saving his used, dirty, coffee filters for me or gifting me with old lemon rinds for Mother’s Day. LOL. I just laughed. But between us, coffee filters make AWESOME textures in art pieces and journals, especially if they have been used. I, personally, draw the line at dumpster diving, but if someone wants to gift you with cool things, you might want to gracefully accept…even if they make fun of you.


Using found objects or repurposing everyday recycled materials for journaling prompts can unleash a story or evoke an emotion that needs to be put into words or pictures. Maybe you just need to have some creative, unplanned, unstructured fun.

Try it!

Stay enchanted.

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