Enchanted Breaths Key 1: Mindfulness

Readjust Your New Year’s Resolutions

Readjust Your New Year’s Resolutions

Readjust your New Year’s resolutions as we close out the first month of the year. During our midweek Enchanted Breath, let’s tie up the loose ends of our focus on Enchanted Key #1, to Mindfulness with regard to what we’ve set out for ourselves.


Resolution Assessment

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If not, how come? If so, how has it been going for you? Consider the following thoughts as you breathe and release tension from your physical body, your mind, spirit, and emotions.

Enchanted Breath

Find a comfortable position. Take a deep and cleansing breath and release. Let go of tension in your muscles and nerves. For the next few moments, close your eyes and mindfully pay attention to your thoughts and feelings regarding boundaries of self-care.

Which boundaries have you been pushing and which have you been ignoring? Consider your nutritional choices, sleep patterns, exercise, relationships, etc. Breathe into the possibilities and see what adjustments you’d like to make to your New Year’s resolutions.

Solidify Your Readjusted Boundaries

Spend about five minutes trying on those changes in your mind’s eye and then write down your new goals for boundaries and self-care.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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