purses-clutter-organization-Konmari method
Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Purses Are Heavy Containers For Clutter-Travel Lighter

Purses Are Containers For Clutter

Purses often become oversized containers for clutter that you carry with you. They burden your body, throw you off balance, and the majority of their contents are unnecessary in most cases. Purses serve a purpose but need to be decluttered, regularly.

purses-clutter-organization-Konmari method

My Rude Awakening

I pride myself on being prepared, organized, and mindful, but I had a rude awakening a few weeks ago. It turns out that the much contemplated contents of my purse were actually clutter that weighed me down.

The Incident

After work, following one of our many recent rain storms, I was headed out to the gym when I stopped to get the mail. The box didn’t open easily, perhaps from all the rain, so I pulled really hard. It flew open and the momentum from my swinging purse carried me backward. I stepped back to catch my balance, my foot slipped on the wet grass, and I rolled my ankle down off the curb, on to the street, and landed on it.

I iced it, and gently tried to walk on it a bit. That was the protocol during my years as a professional dancer. About 90 minutes later, the pain shot beyond a 10 and I ended up in the ER. The good news is that nothing is broken or fractured, but ligaments are bruised and my ankle is badly sprained. I need to wear this 85 pound boot for four weeks and then an ankle brace for another four.

My Organized, Preparedness Purse

Back to my purse. I’m pretty sure that I could handle all emergencies. It has compartments into which I tuck a sheer pouch for First Aid items, such as antibacterial cream, Bandaids, NSAIDS (that I don’t ever take, but someone else might need) wet wipes, smelling salts and essential oils. Another pouch, in a different color, holds a lipstick, mirror and few touch-up cosmetics. Still another contains tea and Stevia packets, nuts, and protein bars. There’s my wallet, my business cards in a case, our son’s business cards, a few photos, a pen, flashlight, tissues, and another zippered pouch for gift and less used credit cards. Let’s not forget the small pad of paper, or plastic knife, fork, and spoon that could become necessary. Dental floss is in there, as well as my cellphone, of course, and my Kubaton-martial arts weapon and keys.

Crutches and Purses Don’t Mix

I couldn’t carry any of my purses with the crutches. Crutches were a disaster. Cooking took 3 hours a meal. I’d crutch over to the pantry, put a can of beans in my shirt and crutch back to the counter and unload it. This was repeated this 27 times from pantry to refrigerator and counter until I was exhausted and had only gathered the ingredients! I tried to wear a tote bag and “shop” in my pantry but that threw me off balance. I had to sit and have others bring things to me. I’m still going up and down stairs on my tush, and using a walker when I’m outside on uneven pavement. No, still no purses with the walker. They unbalance me.


I have a tiny, zippered soft wallet that folds in half and has a long strap. I’ve been hanging it across my body and it’s perfect! It contains my license, a $20 bill, a credit card, and my cell phone. My Kubaton and keys are on a Carabiner. It has served me so well that I don’t intend to go back to regular use of large, heavy purses once my foot is healed.

Marie Kondo

If you do decide to keep your overloaded purse with you, even Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, suggests that you give your purses a rest on regular basis by emptying them of all contents and being sure to thank them for carrying everything for you. Murses (man purses) or Man Bags need this as well.

I’m a New Woman

It’s never too late to try something new. I’m a new woman who travels much lighter than I had before. There is a freedom in it. If I ever start adding items back in, I’ll be abundantly clear that the Dragons of Stress are behind it.

Travel lightly and stay enchanted!

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