Key 3: Journaling

Prompts Can Jumpstart Your Journaling Practice With a Focus

Prompts Can Jumpstart Your Journaling Practice with a Focus

Your Prompts can jumpstart your journaling practice by giving you a focus from which to begin writing. Getting started is usually the hardest part, as it is with most practices. I’ll be giving you one-word prompts, all month, to make it easier to get in the habit of journaling.


Different Ways to Journal

I’ll share with you the various ways to journal. You can write, chronicle-style, in your planner and add a few key phrases for special days or events you wish to remember. You can designate a journal to a particular topic on which you wish to focus your attention. Your journal can contain the written word, images in the form of art or collage, or a combination of both. Some journals contain few or no words. Draw or use images that have been cut from magazines or mailers.

A Designated Journal

A designated journal is for a specific focus. For example, let’s say you’re setting your intentions on a specific goal. You want to lose fifteen pounds, or increase your monthly revenue by $1,000. Your goal is the focus of your journal entries each day. You can chart your progress, hopes and dreams, where you’ve gone off track, plans to get back to your goal, and your successes.

You might decide to create a HEART journal. This will keep your attention on your journey to open yourself to love. You can draw hearts in different colors to label how you feel each day. Then write a bit about the reason. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. When you thumb through your journal, you’ll be able to see and recall your experience.

PEACE-One-word prompt of the day

Today’s one-word prompt is PEACE. Sunday’s prompt was SAFETY. If you missed that post, here’s the link:…nergy-journaling/ Peace is what we all need right now. So write about peace, what it means to you, what peace would look like in your home, your life, and in our world. What color is peace for you? If a fabric represented peace, which fabric which would you choose? Let your imagination run free with this exercise.

Just Start

Just start your journaling practice and, in no time, you’ll be reducing stress by releasing pent-up thoughts and emotions.


Through my online course, RETREAT FROM STRESS: A Meditative Spa for the Soul, you’ll have an opportunity to be guided through the process of creating a meditative practice of journaling. Here’s the link to check it out and enroll.

Stay enchanted!

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