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Programming and Activating Your Crystals: 8 Things to Know

Programming crystals and activating them. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, We’ve covered choosing and cleansing crystals and now here are 8 things you need to know in order to program and activate their healing energies.

set intention THIS ONE


  1. Crystals, like people, can remain asleep for a long period of time. They may possess inert energy and don’t “awaken” until there is a charge. You must tell your crystal, by breathing intention into it, what Higher purpose you wish to use it for.
  2. Resist any temptation to imbue your crystal with negative intention toward another. Energy like that can boomerang so it’s highly discouraged.
  3. Some people believe that crystals have been pre- programmed by various forces. It’s important to clear the crystal and then set its intention in much the same way as clearing an alarm code and programing a new one.
  4. Each crystal is a “natural” at certain types of healing, aligning with specific chakras and has its own          unique part in the Universal play with other crystals,   gemstones and energies. Can you teach a third grader to do CPR? Yes. But given the choice, wouldn’t you rather choose a doctor or nurse to perform this function. Make sense?
  5. Methods of programming your crystal vary. Write an intention on paper and slip it underneath the crystal, which amplifies the thought. This can be personal or global. Setting an intention of world peace, amplified by a crystal, along with the thoughts of many like-minded people, creates a powerful practice.
  6. For remote healings, a photo of a person or location that has been ill or the target of violence or natural disaster can be placed beneath the crystal. Speak the positive intention to the crystal. I’ve heard that repeating it until all facets of the stone or crystal are covered is indicated.
  7. Many intentions or healing subjects can be included in one crystal but as someone heals or transitions, cleanse the crystal and reset the intentions.
  8. Activating a crystal occurs after choosing, cleansing, and setting its intention. It’s the little pat and “off you go,” kind of action. You can rub it between your palms to get its energy flowing, breath on it, or keep it near you awaken its power.

Sources used: Crystal Enlightenment by Katrina Raphaell, Karen Ryan, and my own personal teachers.

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