Enchanted Breaths Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Precious Energy: Where Will You Direct Yours?

Precious Energy: Where Will You Direct Yours?

Precious energy and where you will put yours is the topic this week. Following any kind of trauma, such as the one we experienced as a nation last week with the school shootings, healing needs to happen.


Trauma Affects Us

It can be difficult to focus with Dragons of Fear looming at the front of your thoughts. Your sleep may be affected, as well as your emotional state. These things can leave you feeling depleted, off balance, insecure, and sad.

How Some People Cope

Some will cope by compartmentalizing. They put their negative thoughts and fears aside. This can be a skill to utilize in the short term but, in order to be healthy, the thoughts and feelings need to be taken out and explored and processed. Work is typically where most refocus their energy, away from what can be thought of as “negative” feelings. The mind is activated, turning down the dial on the emotions.

Others go full into feeling and, in some cases, need help with setting boundaries around the grief so that it doesn’t become consuming.

Another group of people will move through the process of feeling and then redirect their collapsed and defeated feelings into powerful Dragons of Action. This is why we don’t slay our Dragons. They house our drive, motivation, and strong will to take positive actions. When we can gather our precious energy and hook it to the strength and stalwart qualities of the Dragons, we become beacons of light. With that forward impetus, things are accomplished that might not otherwise be given the attention they need and deserve.

What’s Your Coping Style?

Which style of coping do you do?

Enchanted Breath

Take a deep and healing breath in and exhale fully. Repeat this a few times. Let the tension drop away from your physical body, your mind, and center yourself. From this place, decide how you would like to consciously preserve your precious energy. Then choose how you’d like to redirect it into action.

Balancing Act

It takes both rest and restoration as well as thought and a plan of action to honor your healing. Move into action on a focused and clear path and you will achieve more than if you’re depleted and disorganized.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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