Key 3: Journaling

WORD! Pick a Word, Any Word, to Start Journaling


A word is such a powerful thing. It can melt a heart, mend a broken one, or crack one in half. The right words can be delicious in one’s mouth and poured, like honey, onto someone’s soul. I love words.

And so we begin our month-long exploration into Enchanted Key #3-Journaling. Journaling doesn’t only have to be expression through the written word. Art journaling uses imagery, with few words or none at all. Instead, color, composition, images that hold meaning for the artist, and a wild sense of freedom make up the experience.

We’ll explore both kinds of journaling this month. For some, the blank page is daunting. It represents the need to fill it with something meaningful, profound, or insightful. There can be pressure to be witty or intellectual. If you hear any of that when you open your journal, you know that it has arrived with a Dragon inside of it. You have my permission to journal the Dragons out from their hiding places and put them where you want them to be.

For other people, the blank page represents hope and new growth, like the first bud on a tree in spring. For those who revel in the blank canvas on which to create, it’s a fresh start. There’s an opportunity for self-discovery and exploration of the materials. It’s an unblemished second chance.

There’s often no middle ground here. So which group do you fit into? Are you intimidated by the blank page or enchanted?

Journaling prompts of all kinds can get you started. You can even designate your journal for a specific kind of writing or theme. For instance, keeping a Gratitude Journal helps you focus on those things for which you are grateful. The Garden Journal can house your current plans, hopes and dreams for future gardens, as well as past mistakes and surprises. Journals don’t have to be soul-searching.

The tiptoe into journaling this week involves one word. That word will be different for each of you. Unlike a mantra passed down from teacher to student, there is no secret transference process.


Here’s how you’ll find your word. You’ll pick up a book, randomly turn to a page, airplane your finger in the air and swoop it down onto the page, pointing to the word on which it lands. Even if the word is “the” or “at,” it’s of use to you.

And so you begin writing. You can decide beforehand that you will write one page in your journal or that you will write for 10 minutes, whether that results in three words or 300. You get to decide.

Don’t overthink it. Begin with your word. Let’s say it’s “at.” At last! And then ask yourself, “At last what?” Then keep writing. Maybe it’s “At last I finally said, ‘No’ to someone!” That could be all you write.


Be sure to congratulate yourself, because you have just created a journal entry. Try it every day this week, with one random word each day, and see what you discover!

Please be sure to share it because what matters to you matters to us.

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