Photos as Touchstones of the Year’s Joyful Moments

Photos as Touchstones of the Year’s Joyful Moments

Photos can serve as important time keepers. How many of us used to pour through photo albums our mother’s made for the family to preserve precious memories? I love to revisit those times. It’s interesting how photos can correct our memories of who was present at an event or how a particular house or room looked.


Old School Photo Albums

Photo albums capture our soldiers going off to war and the reunions upon their return. They chronicle the milestones of all of the firsts, such as losing a first tooth, a holiday, a haircut, and important first steps at all stages of life.


I used to make photo albums, and later, scrapbooks, with ephemera affixed to the page, that our children still love to look at. My heart sings when, as the adults that they are, they squeeze together on the sofa to turn the pages and howl hysterically at their hair styles, funny faces, and antics. That always gives way to conversations that start with, “Hey! Remember when…?” Photos transport them back to a time that might be lost without it having been caught and preserved.

Social Media Albums

These days, with Instagram and Facebook, fewer and fewer people create actual albums. I know there are diehard scrapbookers still, and thank goodness, because they are the keepers of the Universe, but most of us have precious photos on our hundreds of memory cards or taking up storage that isn’t organized on our computers.

What a shame this is because the next generation of children don’t have the timeline of their youth. I know that my eldest daughter is fabulous about taking photos and documenting everything our grandson does, BUT, it’s all in her phone or on social media. Our grandson doesn’t have an account yet, thankfully, and so doesn’t have the availability to look back at this point. His Mom likely wouldn’t be interested in spending her time scrapbooking or printing out photos to put in an album. Social media could go away and then what?

Print Online Albums

An enchanting gift for the holidays or a birthday might be to create and print a yearly online photo booklet that showcases photos of the year’s special moments. Shutterfly and other online digital scrapbook sites that print to books are available. With the exception of a family vacation, you might select between 2-6 photos a month so it’s not overwhelming.

Vacations, Birthdays, Holidays and Special Events Preserved

I have printed a photo book for our vacations. We look at the photos and recapture all of the sensory experiences as we remember. My dear friend, Monika, gifts each of her two children with different photo albums on their birthdays, designed to feature their unique memories of the year. What a beautiful gift that is.

So, see what memories you might like to keep and share.

Stay enchanted!

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