Enchanted Breaths

Perspective with Rose Colored Glasses

Perspective with rose colored glasses makes everything rosier!

Try them on now, dear Enchanted Journeyers, as we take our much-needed deep and enchanted breath mid-week.

Pick one thing (among the many) that is stressing you out today.

Put your perspective-shifting rose-colored glasses on to see it differently.

Let’s breathe.

Drop off your tension at the curb. Fill yourself with clean mountain air, (no matter where you live) and exhale like it’s the last day of school.

Another perspective-altering inhale of pure ahh and exhale out the Dragons.

Imagine that one thing you selected fitting into the palm of your hand. Breathe into it, close your hand around it, say a magic word of your choice and poof! Open your hand and it’s gone (or at least altered so that’s it’s manageable) and you are the Queen or the King of your own life again.

This is how we practice using Enchanted Key #2-Altered Perceptions. You’re gonna like this!

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the  aha! of life!”

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