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Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Perception Change: Turn It Around To See It In A Brighter Light

Perception Change: Turn It Around To See It In A Brighter Light

Turn it around means there’s a perception change required that can result in a positive spin during our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #2 to Altered Perceptions. Whining and complaining seem to be so popular now. It’s easy to put your attention on all of the things that go wrong each day. However, it’s not very fun or enchanting.


Enchanted Key to Altered Perceptions

This is the Key that unlocks the negative attitudes and self-talk that lead to feeling down and stressed. Once you’ve altered your perceptions and have held your issues up to a light, you’ll see that everything starts to look brighter and feel lighter.

The Annual Trek

Last weekend I had a grand opportunity to use my Enchanted Key to Altered Perceptions. Bright and early, I set out to an annual Craft Stamp Show that I look forward to all year. I used to go with my Mom and we always had a fabulous time. We became giddy with excitement as we

learned new rubber stamp techniques, bought special tools, stamps and inks.

Cards For Special Occasions

For years, on the first of every month, Mom came over and we’d make the birthday, anniversary, and special occasion cards for everyone celebrating something that month. We’d laugh, talk, and inspire each other with ideas as we poured through our stash of glitter, beads, ribbon and embellishments to add to our creations.

Turn It Around

This year marks my fifth year since Mom passed. I’ve considered not going to the show each year since, but I have chosen to go. I use the Key to turn my attitude around because while it’s painful to be without her, I still feel her presence there. I can hear her and chuckle to myself at the things I imagine she’d say. Besides, I know that she would not be happy with me if I succumbed to the sadness of missing her and missed the show!


So I went to this one. I had a good time, found a few treasures, and couldn’t wait to head home to begin playing with the stamps I had purchased. One stamp in particular is going to be used as an autumn leaf background on my daughter’s wedding invitation.

I tend to get lost when there’s construction (everywhere!) and am rerouted. Having arrived at the fairgrounds easily, I discovered on the way home that somehow the route didn’t reverse. Then it happened. My phone’s GPS said to get on the highway ramp in 200 feet. I had no concept of 200 feet. “Is that this arrow right here or the one about 3 car lengths ahead of me?” I asked myself aloud and waited for the correct answer.

Took the closest one. Nope. Wrong direction. Thought I’d just get off at the first stop, which turned out to be 5.5 miles away and loop around to the same spot and choose correctly. Nope. One way streets prevented that from happening.

Crying and driving don’t mix. I found myself in two different undesirable areas of town and decided to re-enter my destination into the GPS. Turns out that instead of being 40 minutes from home, I was then 90 minutes away.

The Enchanted Key

“What would I advise others to do?” I was having loud conversations with myself at this point. “Turn it around to something positive,” I said. I had felt lost without my Mom and now was literally lost. The turn around became that I was grateful it wasn’t raining. I was thankful that I didn’t have somewhere else to be on a timeline. Grateful, too, that I had used the restroom before leaving, had water in the car in case I got thirsty, and even had an apple and protein bar in my purse. I continued on with my positive focus and in a few minutes felt much better and certainly more relaxed.

Your Turn

Try it. The next time you are spitting mad, frustrated, upset, etc. see what you can come up with to turn it into a positive. You deserve to feel happier and calm.

Stay enchanted!

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