Enchanted Breaths Stress

People Embracing and Accepting Community Everywhere-P.E.A.C.E.


People Embracing and Accepting Community Everywhere. This is my acronym for P.E.A.C.E.  I’m trying to make peace a thing. Will you help me?



It’s time for our midweek Enchanted Breath, and not a moment too soon. Before we alter it, let’s notice what your breath is doing right now. Observe it. Is it shallow? Are you panting? Is it nearly nonexistent? What percentage of your body is consumed by tension? Let’s change that, shall we?


Take a deep and intentional, cleansing breath. Exhale slowly, in a controlled manner. Take another deep, lung-filling breath. Hold it at the top for a count of three and exhale in a loud, audible sigh. One more breath in, and release and in a distinct sigh. Roll your head gently around your neck. Rotate your shoulders. Clench and unclench your fists and toes. Squeeze in your stomach and let it go. Pull your shoulders back and try to touch them together. Release. Move your head slowly and evenly, just to the edge of where the muscles begin to pull, as you shake your head in a yes, up-and-down direction and then a no, side-to-side direction.


Now create a scene in your mind’s eye of peace. It can encompass the Universe or just your neighborhood. It can be sent to world leaders or your neighborhood schools. Begin this flow of peaceful energy from wherever you are right now. Let it flow like a waterfall, down an incline, and spread. Watch it move through neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, countries and throughout the universe. Ride that peaceful wave. Feel your body, mind, and spirit recalibrate to zero. Feel peace. Be peace. Spread peace.

Take this “new normal” back to your day, without awakening from it.

Enchanted breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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