Key 8: Art

People As Works of Art: Look for the Beauty in Each One

People As Works of Art: Look for the Beauty in Each One

People are all works of art. It’s up to us to search for the beauty. Sometimes that conforms to the current trend of what is considered beautiful. At other times, it’s more difficult to glimpse a quality that may capture our hearts or souls.


Beyond the Book’s Cover

Have you ever met people that you didn’t find physically attractive who, after getting to know them, became much more so? Do you have a friend or family member who is in love with someone that no one else thinks has any features or qualities that are attractive? We find and overlook beauty in ourselves and others.

The Dragons of Self-Criticism

We are all so critical of ourselves. Have you ever cringed at photos of yourself and then five years later said, “I looked great back then! What was I thinking?” We are fabulous, intricate works of art.

The Artist Who Created Us

How amazing is it that if we cut our fingers, our own unique fingerprint design regrows itself in just the right pattern? I believe that is art from the Ultimate Creator.

Enchanted Breath

It’s time for our mid-week Enchanted Breath. While we realign ourselves with what’s truly beautiful, let’s give a nod to this month’s Enchanted Key-Art.

Take a moment to find a comfortable position and relax your belly muscles, roll and drop your shoulders, and release tension in your neck and back. Puff out your cheeks as you inhale and deflate them as you exhale. Repeat a few times.

On your next deep breath, inhale, slow and rhythmically, pause at the top of the breath to appreciate one physical feature of yours. Perhaps it’s your soulful eyes or the dimple in your cheek. Maybe you’ve got great hair or a perfect arch in your brow. It could be that your elbows are smooth year round! Take a second to acknowledge it and then exhale, slow and rhythmically.

Repeat. This time, choose another physical feature you appreciate about yourself, until you’ve done this for a few rounds. Then switch to inner qualities that make you a beautiful work of art in the world. Maybe you speak kind words or have a generous heart. Continue to breathe in and out, appreciating the specialness of wonderful, fabulous you.

Smile at having received loving compliments and thank yourself for being kind. Return to what you were doing previously, more relaxed, refreshed, and loved.

Stay enchanted!

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