Peace After the Election-Using the Enchanted Keys to Heal

Peace After the Election.

That may seem foreign right now but the task is ours to make it our reality.

P.E.A.C.E.-People Embracing and Accepting Community Everywhere

Let’s make it a thing.


Enchanted Journeyers, we’re into our month-long focus on stress.

Stress…hm, have you had any this week? If there ever were a time that we need enchantment and the use of the Ten Enchanted Keys it’s NOW!


In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election I’ve worked overtime counseling people who feel fearful, out of control, grief-stricken and upset, regardless of whether their candidate lost or won.


Even in my presentation today, on a non-fiction panel of authors, I focused on the Enchanted Keys, especially the Key to Altered Perceptions. Read on, as each of us has a responsibility to ourselves, one other, and this nation, to flip what feels negative into something positive. We can’t control events in the world but we can choose how we respond to them.


Here’s the structure:

Enchanted Key #1:


Sit quietly to hone in on and honor your feelings. Name them and then choose to consciously release them. Get in touch with how your feelings and thoughts have disrupted your pursuit of peace.

Enchanted Key #2:

Altered Perceptions

Whatever Dragon chatter you’re aware of thinking, remind yourself that it doesn’t serve you or others. I invite you not to join others on pain points. Challenge yourself to find something good in each thing that stresses you because it is there to be found.

Enchanted Key #3:


Write about your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Get a large sheet of craft paper and write words and/or scribble and draw symbols and images until you feel complete. If they are negative, dispose of the piece. If you broke through to a positive image or an idea that creates unity and harmony, then keep it.

Enchanted Key #4:

Sensory Experiences

In your small corner of the world, how can you find tranquility? What images? What sounds, What scents? What tastes? What textures and feelings of peace? You may notice a resistance to experiencing these feelings right now but that’s just your fight or flight Dragon response yammering. You make the world better when you’re better. You balance the world when you are balanced. Get there now. We need each of you to do this for all of us.

Enchanted Key #5:

Reduced Clutter

Sometimes one of the best things you can do when you feel out of control of the things “out there” is to clean your closet. You say what stays and what goes, what fits and what you’ve outgrown and no longer need. It creates breathing room and an opening for the ahh.

Enchanted Key #6:


Humor is a great release. The extra degree of difficulty is not to cross the line into harm of others. So juxtapose words to create humor. LOL at other things in the Universe. Deep belly laughs release tension and recalibrate your breath.

Enchanted Key #7:


Work out. Punch the punching bag. Dance and as the late Gabrielle Roth would say, “Sweat your prayers.” These are all appropriate outlets for the pent-up Dragons of Stress.

Enchanted Key #8:


Draw your feelings out—literally. Put pen or crayon or paint to paper and have at it. Clay requires more muscle and offers an even greater release.

Enchanted Key #9:


Go outside and sit, walk, cry, pray, dance, and hope, dwarfed by the forces of nature and the cosmos. Move beside tall trees. Lie on the ground and stare up at the sky. Regain your perspective as you take your place in this puzzle, gazing at the infinite stars.

Enchanted Key #10:


Quiet yourself. Set a vision of peace. Focus on your part in making the world a better and more peaceful place. Breathe into it and heal. When you heal, so do we all.

Blessings of peace and tranquility.


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