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One Thing That Matters This Holiday Season-Choose It and Do That

One Thing That Matters This Holiday Season-Choose It and Do That

One thing that matters this holiday season is what I’m inviting you to pay attention to this week. The Holiday Dragons have donned their hats and are carrying their air horns to blow every time one of us succumbs to perfectionism, unrealistic plans, overindulges, or exhausts ourselves.


Something Tangible?

I’m suggesting that you choose one thing that matters to you this season. Just one thing. Not one hundred and one things. One thing. Now, that may be that you buy everyone on your list something really unique and special. Maybe it’s that you make delicious food that you share with others on your holiday table. Maybe that your home is decorated like a fantasy wonderland.

Something Intangible?

Or perhaps that one thing you will choose is less tangible. One is not necessarily better than the other, but without some mindfulness at work here, you may try to perfect all of these areas. You might choose a quality, for instance, such as kindness. You would then choose to be kind as the one thing you pick to focus on this season. Maybe it’s self-care. That is a gift that impacts others as well. It could be expressing gratitude in thank-you notes for the gifts you receive.

Choose One and Do It With All of Your Heart

Whatever your “one thing” is, do it with all of your heart. In other areas of your participation this season, delegate, engage others, be gentle with yourself and do the best you can, or decide to take some things off your list, completely. You’ll be making space for joy to enter.

Let your “one thing” be special for you and know that it will resonate with power and happiness for you all year long.

Enchanted Breath

During this mid-week Enchanted Breath, stop what you’re doing and take a few very deep and cleansing breaths and exhale them fully and audibly, releasing all of the accumulated tension you may not even realize has been building. Repeat a few more times.

Drop your shoulders down, roll out tension from your neck and shoulders, hands and feet. Even if sitting, gently arch and round your back a few times.

Quiet yourself and consider what one thing, above all others, matters to you. Then spend a few moments imagining how that would manifest. What would that look like and what would it require from you? See what you can let go of sin the other areas of the season. Ahh.

Stay enchanted.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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