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New Moon in Gemini


THIS ONE Gemini new moon

New Moon Ritual for Busy People

This powerful New Moon in Gemini makes us aware that there are changes ahead. Can you feel it? It’s natural to want to resist change, even when we desire it, but let yourself breathe through the contractions in order to birth something new.

Relationships, with their joys and challenges, are the focus at this time. The twins of Gemini require us to balance both energies: the light and the dark, the past and the present, the serious and the playful, and the material and spiritual worlds.

We must scrub our floors and do our laundry while also opening to possibilities, allowing change, and believing in miracles.

Release your past so there’s a clean slate upon which to write your future.

What will you call in during this powerful Gemini New Moon?

Huge preparation is not required, but do this before Tuesday night, June 7th, when the manifestation energies dissipate. Take a moment to quiet yourself. Let go of intrusive thoughts and pressures of the earthly realm. Breathe in and out to release tension and clear the vessel of your physical body. Relax your mind, and align your spirit with Divine Source.

With all that’s going on, and it’s a whole lot for everyone right now, imagine wiping the board clean. Everything is stored if needed, but the slate is clear. You feel the ahh space. Enjoy being in that wide-open place for a moment. Then, with intention, make a list of your heart’s desires. List them on paper, written in your own hand, in the physical realm. You don’t need to know the how or the when of the manifestation, just the what.

Take a few deep and cleansing breaths in and exhale, feeling good about having cleared out the clutter of previous creations, letting go of tension, setting your sights on what’s ahead, and owning your part in creating and calling your dreams to you.

Ahh. A spa treatment for the soul.

Thank you to my soul sister, Monika, for always reminding me to pay attention to what’s happening in the celestial sky.

Listen to the Guided Meditation here.


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