Key 9: Nature

Nature’s Show: Healing, Awe-inspiring, and Unique

Nature’s Show: Healing, Awe-inspiring and Unique

Nature’s show is the focus this month. Together, we’ll enjoy the healing aspects of being in nature as we explore Enchanted Key #9. Mother Nature has got to be the most ignored show in town! Her amazing displays go virtually unnoticed unless her forces of nature get really loud, inconvenient, or threaten us in some way. And yet, when we need restoration or a place for contemplative thought, we run to her.


Just Outside the Window

Consider all of the enchanted possibilities. Not only daily, but minute by minute, there are shows of grandeur. There are the ever-changing weather patterns. How many people are addicted to watching The Weather Channel on TV? How about the one outside of the window? It’s pretty dramatic. Intense heat waves rise from the pavement, strong winds bend the trees, freezing temperatures solidify the water in the birdbath, and torrential downpours flood the garden. Each event is amazing, and different from the previous one.

Weather Patterns

Mother Nature, working in tandem with Divine Source, creates cloud formations in the sky. That is always changing and always in motion as the palette shifts. Clouds are drawn and then erased. Farmers, who revere Mother Nature, study her patterns. They know that she can be a valuable partner to them or a source of destruction when her fury is unfurled.

The Night Sky

The night sky is a whole separate show, with its stars and the moon. Observing the phases of the moon or searching the night sky for constellations can be a meditative practice. Then there are the changing seasons. The same tree that sprouts bright green leaves in spring, blossoms into flower by summer. In the fall, those leaves change colors and twirl from their branches. In winter, even when the limbs are bare, some trees sprout architecturally shaped spheres or pods.

Elemental Accessories

There are sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, rock formations, glaciers, beaches and oceans. The art and grandeur of nature are there for all of us to enjoy. This is an enchanted heaven on earth. Its beauty nourishes and heals us.

Commune With Nature

While we, in the northern hemisphere, will be stepping into autumn soon, our friends in the southern hemisphere will be gliding into spring. Get out there this month and commune with nature.

Stay enchanted!

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