Key 8: Art Key 9: Nature

Nature’s Art-Recognize the Beauty of the Natural World

Nature’s Art -Recognize the Beauty of the Natural World

Nature’s Art is all around us. We must open our eyes to see and appreciate it. Not only is it beautiful, but it is calming and healing.


Life Continues

There is something to be said for the comfort in the fact that life goes on. Even with the violent tragedies and devastation from the weather patterns consuming our thoughts, spiders still spin their webs and birds continue to build their nests. Hummingbirds hover over flowers and bees buzz from flower to flower. There is continuity and hope in this.

Focus on Rebuilding

We all dislike the feeling of walking through a spider web, but do we stop to realize that in doing so, we have just destroyed the beauty and artful function of the web that was spun? Without judgment or malice, the spider simply sets about spinning another one. There is likely something to be learned from them.

Beautiful at Every Stage of Life

Butterflies begin as an egg, then change into the larva stage, or caterpillar. Then they go through the pupa, or chrysalis phase. No one particularly finds them beautiful or majestic at these stages. Caterpillars are, however, quite beautiful, too. Their colors are vibrant and the geometrical symmetry of their striped layers is stunning. But many people refer to them as creepy or gross.  Oh, but when they emerge as butterflies,  they are elevated to romantic, winged status that garners appreciation for their beauty. (It’s often the same with humans. Sadly, only certain stages are viewed as beautiful.)

Seasonal Art

So much of art is a re-creation of nature’s art. Birds’ nests, cradling blue speckled robin’s eggs, are gorgeous. The structure of a sweet gum tree offers four different scenes throughout the seasons, and is every-changing. In spring they sprout lovely, green leaves that seem to appear on their branches overnight. During summer, they become lush and full. In fall, the leaves display the rich colors of the season, in rust, yellow, gold, and aubergine. Spiny spheres are visible as the leaves dislodge themselves and twirl to the ground. In winter, the spheres cling to bare branches before dropping down as well. The skeletal outline of the tree is beautiful.

Enchantment is Visible

Please consider the enchantment of nature’s art in raindrops and snowflakes, insects, and frogs. Look for nature’s beauty all around you and surely you will find it.

Have fun.

Stay enchanted!

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