Art Key 8: Art

Multimedia Writing Challenge

Multimedia writing challenge anyone?  It involves using various art forms to create layers of enchantment and fun. Let’s amplify it. I’ve been asking you to take photographs all month. This week, I invite you to embark on a journey of creativity.

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  1. Look through some photographs you’ve taken and gather a few that touch your      emotions in some way. If you don’t have photographs of your own, search online images or choose from a magazine. Notice which ones makes you laugh, feel nostalgic, warm your heart or inspire hope. They might even evoke fear or sadness.
  2. Journal about your feelings based on these images.
  3. Now select one image.
  4. Send your Critical Dragons out for ice cream.
  5. Write a short story or poem about what happened in the image. Let your feelings          carry you along a beautiful thread of creativity. Let your words flow without    correction or editing. That can come later and only if you want it to.
  6. Be amazed at your creation. I already know that you are more creative than you think!


Years ago, I entered a fall writing contest hosted by a local Barnes & Noble store. They offered a handful of images from various art books and asked participants to write a story about one of them. One photograph was of a boy sailing out to sea. The one I selected, was of a woman holding a large carving knife up in the air above a pumpkin. I had no idea what I was going to write and no financial investment, as it was a free contest. I just did it for fun. I really got into it and had a blast letting my imagination run wild.


I actually won a second place ribbon! It was announced in their newsletter and they put the entries on display, with ribbons next to the top three. It was interesting to read other submissions for the same photograph. I was positively impacted by the experience.

So check your local bookstores to see what kinds of contests they have. Some ask for an entry fee but then you have the chance to win prize money. Entry fees are usually somewhere between $5-$20. Just be sure it’s a reputable organization.

Have fun and stay enchanted!

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