Key 7: Movement

Moving into a New Month-Fitness For the Wellbeing of Body and Soul

Moving into a New Month For Body and Soul

Greetings Enchanted Journeyers! Moving into a new month for body and soul means that we’re embarking on the focus of our next Enchanted Key #7-Movement. What a great time of year to get yourself in gear!


Options For Moving Energy

We have many exciting options to choose from when selecting our various forms of getting ourselves moving. We can exercise solo, as down time, or with others, as a healthy alternative to meeting our friends for meals.

The Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are many. According to the Mayo Clinic, here a just a few of the perks to moving your body:

Regular exercise helps to:

1-Control weight-When you begin an exercise program, there is a mindfulness that carries over into the way you eat, your awareness of calorie consumption, and what food groups you choose from that work together toward greater health

2-Battle physical conditions and diseases-Regular exercise helps to flush toxins and keep circulation moving.

3-Lift mood-Those endorphins released during exercise go a long way toward improving mood.

4-Boost energy-Energy levels increase with endurance. Muscles also get strengthened with use.

5-Promote better sleep-You can notice an increase in the quality of your sleep when you’ve exercised. Just be sure not to exercise too late at night because it can rev up your systems, making it difficult to fall asleep.

6-Improve sex life-Along with those energy and circulation boosts, libido can increase. Also, with self-esteem elevated, feeling more attractive can be a perk that leads to greater arousal.

7-Improve fun and social life-Looking forward to enjoyable, physical activities can become a lifestyle choice. Social life can improve when your activities are shared with others.

So this month, we’ll join together to get moving in the direction of our enchanted dreams!

5-Day Challenge to Banish or Manage Stress

Speaking of which…Did you sign up for the 5-Day Challenge to Banish or Manage Your Stress? While Movement is one of the Enchanted Keys, there are 9 others to help your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Link to the 5-Day Challenge

Click the link to join us: http://bit.ly/2uyhcVh

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