Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Mothering Yourself is a Good Way to Nourish Your Soul


Mothering yourself is perfect to begin on Mother’s Day! For most, it’s time for a celebration. I acknowledge that it isn’t happy for everyone, though. For many, it’s a difficult day. Maybe, like in my case, your sweet mother is on the other side of the veil and you miss her dearly. Perhaps you’ve wanted to become a mother and there’s grief because that hasn’t occurred or perhaps you don’t want children because you had a less than desirable relationship with your own mother. In any event, we have all been shaped by our mothers in some way. Now, you get to say how it goes. You get to nurture yourself.



We all have come from a mother, good or bad, and so today’s focus on Mother’s Day is about your own nourishment of the soul. Let’s do this through the filter of Enchanted Key #4-Sensory Experiences.

Check in with yourself right now. What is stressing you?

Imagine that you are your very own loving and supportive mother.

What do you need to obtain peace, tranquility or joy?


For most, sitting on a sandy beach under a palm tree, steps away from the salty water’s edge is a pleasing sight. But finding something pleasurable to look at, right where you are, is an enchanting prompt you can use to begin to nourish your soul every day, wherever you are.

As I write this, there is a sun shower occurring just outside of the window. My dog is stretched out on her window seat, her golden fur highlighted by the sun through the window. She is watching a bird flutter its wings as it bathes in the rain that’s filling our birdbath. Look around and mentally record what is pleasing to you.


It’s very quiet right now. The rain has driven the neighborhood children indoors. I hear the patter of the raindrops hitting the glass table on the deck. A hawk is cawing as it flies over the house. What pleasant sounds are you aware of?


The scent of the spring rain wafts in through the screen. Along with it, I smell both the mint and basil from my herb garden on my deck planter. What scents are making you smile right now?


This one is easy! I most often drink tea when I’m crafting my words for the Enchanted Blog. Next to me is a mug that our eldest daughter gave me last year. It’s teal with a coffee brown lip and dark chocolate color inside of the mug. (That’s another pleasing sight.) Inside of it I have Chocolate Chai tea with almond milk, liquid chocolate Stevia, no sugar raw cacao powder, a dash of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper. My lips are warm after sipping this concoction and I taste the residue of chocolate, with the kick of cinnamon and cayenne, long after the last sip is gone. What tastes are enjoyable to you where you are?


As I follow my own prompts, I bring my awareness to the textures present in my space. The variegated colors on the tile table at which I sit are teal and brown, matching the mug. They are smooth and cool to the touch. The lantern at the center of the table is made of wrought iron. The panes are glass and inside of it, I observe the candle whose wax has melted down in streaks along the sides. I enjoy the smooth texture of the unmelted wax, in contrast to the knobby streams of wax that have dripped. What textures are you aware of?

Make this a game to play several times a day. Get in the habit of mothering yourself by nourishing your soul.

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