moonlight, Man in the Moon, luminary, moon phases
Key 9: Nature

Moonlight, Enchanting Moonlight, Our Nighttime Luminary

Moonlight, Enchanting Moonlight, Our Nighttime Luminary

Moonlight, enchanting moonlight! Do you mark your calendar so you don’t miss a full moon? I do.

moonlight, Man in the Moon, luminary, moon phases

The Moon Travels With Us

When our children were small, and we went on a road trip, I’d point out how the beautiful moon travelled with us. We didn’t even have to pack it. It just came along for the ride. Each time we made a turn or changed direction, they would yell, “Look, there it is!”

At different times of the year, the moon takes on an orangish cast, like at the Harvest Moon. At other times, it appears to be a yellowish-gold.  When a few charcoal clouds dance across the glowing amber orb of the moon’s face, our path is lit by magic.

The Moon Connects Us

Isn’t it comforting to know that, even though we might be separated from our loved ones, by distance, we can still go outside and see the same moon? How many lovers have whispered to the moon at the same time? What’s the number of service men and women, missing their loved ones, that have synchronized their watches to try and connect with the moon?

When our youngest went off to college a few years back, I reminded her of the times I carried each of our three children outside to the yard to view the moon in all of its feminine splendor. That very moon served as her nightlight during her college experience, and also mine, on those nights when I would lie awake missing her presence in our home.

Legends of the Moon

Legends of the moon date back to the beginning of time, so how fitting that it should serve as a link, connecting us all. In the Talmud, the central text of Rabbinic Judaism, there is a story about the sun and moon. To paraphrase, the moon questions God about how two kings (the moon and the sun) can share a single crown. The moon asks what good is a strong lamp when the sun is shining? God tells the moon to make herself smaller then. She is unhappy and protests the injustice. To console her, God says that Israel will use the moon to count the days and years.

The moon was still not pleased and so God made atonement through a sin offering each month.

The moon’s phases have been forever connected to a woman’s cycle, in which she grows in strength and power and then recedes until she is renewed and restored to her full energy again. And so, both the moon and sun have their respective power. “The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.” (Psalms 121:7).

The Magic in the Moon

How enchanting it is to see moonlight reflected on water. How fun it was to hear the fanciful tale that the moon was made of green cheese? Who doesn’t look more beautiful in moonlight? Even though the moon represents feminine energy, there were the stories about the Man in the Moon.

The Phases of the Moon

Whether in full glory, or a sliver, all of the phases of the moon are gorgeous. Perhaps you will look online for a bit more about this mysterious luminescent light of the ages. Or, instead, venture outside each night during our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #9-Nature, and see what you can see.

Stay enchanted!

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