Key 3: Journaling

Minimalist Journal

Happy Easter! Maybe you’ve been inspired today or you’re just sitting still because you’ve had too many jellybeans. Either way, exploring a path to yourself is always a good thing. Today we focus on a Minimalist Journal because minimalists journal, too, you know. They may not use a thousand images and words as prompts, but in order to keep their minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions in check, they still need to journal. I created a Minimalist Journal™ using one-word prompts. That’s it. One word. You can use the word as your anchor word for the whole week or choose a new one each day. Minimalists, in the visual arts and architecture, utilize pared-down design elements, but you’d be surprised how many connections we each have to a single word. I used this concept in the development of these journals.

Week 13 of 2016 closes out our month-long focus on journaling. We will still continue our practice, but April’s attention will be on Enchanted Key #4 for Sensory Experiences. Don’t be an April fool! Keep journaling and also add to your enchanted tool kit as this new key holds the secret to a sensory-rich experience of life.

But back to journaling. Whether you use words I’ve suggested, or your own, you can select a word that pops into your head or open a book or magazine and land your finger on the page to choose a word. No matter the word, you can discover how that noun, verb or adjective shows up in your life. It’s a new way to explore you, your thoughts, your values and beliefs regarding things you might not even know you had opinions and beliefs about!

For example, (and you know I only ask you to do things I’ve run ahead and have done myself) I opened a book, pointed to a word, and here’s what followed. The word was “spheres.” I wrote: I don’t have any relationship to spheres. Really? A sphere is a ball or a circle. How do I feel about the shape of a circle? I like circles, and a sphere suggests that it has depth and dimension. There is an infinite cyclical nature  inherent in circles. Like the seasons that cycle one to the next.

When don’t I like circles? I don’t like when people talk in circles. I don’t like when irritating, Dragon-fueled thoughts run around in circles inside of my head.

But circles also make me think of my circle of family and close friends and circles as boundaries. There is a tight inner circle, in which I share my deepest thoughts, emotions and the musings of my secret heart. Then there is the outer circle with whom I connect, but not in the same way. I decided it was time to go through my circles to be sure that those who are in the inner circle still belong there.

So, from the prompt of journaling one word, I did some spring cleaning of my relationships and review of who is and who isn’t in the inner sphere of my life.

See how it works? Try your hand at it and please share with others. Post a comment on The Enchanted Blog to let us know what words jumped up to greet you.

P.S. Stay tuned for the opportunity to purchase a Minimalist Journal during this enchanted year!

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