Key 1: Mindfulness

Mindfulness Practice-Call Your Spirit Back


The world may feel like a swirling vortex of darkness right now. You are a spark of the Divine in that darkness. Don’t let the shadowy gloom blow your pilot light out. Call your spirit back from all the places that it has wandered.


Dear Enchanted Ones,

I’ve been encountering many clients in my private practice who feel hopeless. They fear falling into the Pit of Negativity and the Dungeon of Doom.

I tell them that we can’t let evil, fear, and devastation consume us. Then the Dragons win. Sometimes it’s not easy to even decipher who is who and what is what. That’s when it’s even more important to create a mindfulness practice. We need to connect with the still small voice within. Your angels, your guides, and your heart, speak the truth.


We begin our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness. There is peace in silence. There is strength and empowerment in a positive light into which you can plug yourself. This recharges your battery. Whether that’s the sun, or sitting at the base of the tall tree, rolling in the grass with a puppy, there is light. It may be a bit harder to find than before, but it’s worth the search.

Each month we will focus on a different Enchanted Key. They assist us in banishing or managing stress. Feeling out of control is one of the most stressful things there is.


We can’t change the past. We can’t predict the future. What we can do is create a mindful presence now. While the events of the past can’t be changed, our view of them, in the present, can. While we don’t have all the variables of the future, we can still make our plans. Those plans, dreams, and desires, need to be fanned like the spark of the fire. That controlled fire that will keep you warm and cook your food. Your intentions will inform your present. The direction of the steps you take now, on the course that you chart, make a difference.

Don’t absorb the chaos. Also, don’t pretend that it isn’t there. Stay on the scant side edge of being “informed,” even when you’re not sure of the reliable sources for that. And we cannot allow the upheaval to invade our precious and sacred minds, bodies, spirit and emotions.

Astrologers tell us it will be a fire-charged year. It’s also a year in which the angry Feminine expresses itself. Apparently the energies don’t calm until  somewhere around October. It can be difficult to pace ourselves.

Mindfulness can be the answer. Practice it daily and stay aware of it in each moment.


Create a mindfulness practice as part of your daily routine, like washing your face and brushing your teeth. Schedule it in such a way that you don’t decide whether you would like to do it, have time to do it, or not, but make it a non-negotiable 15 to 20 minutes each day. It helps for it to be at the same time each day, if possible.

Begin by quieting yourself and turn off all distractions. No TV, cell phone, and any pinging notifications that call you to the outside world. Become aware of your breath. Without trying to alter it, just observe it. Are you breathing in more deeply than you exhale? Is your inbreath shallow and your exhales full and exhaustive? After you have noted the way your breath of life enters and exits your body, change it to make it a more even flow of the breath in and out. In and out. This is a good start to the practice of mindfulness.


Remember to catch your Enchanted Breath, right here, on Wednesdays. Next, we’ll look at mindfulness as we connect with ourselves and others in this month that’s supposed to be about LOVE in all of its forms.


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Be mindful. Stay enchanted.

P.S. A great read about the spiritual reclaiming of personal power is Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now.

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