Enchanted Breaths

Mindfulness Meditation-Enchanted Breaths

Dear New Year’s Journeyers,

Life’s in full swing again. Need an enchanted breath?

Right here. Right now. STOP doing. Just BE.

Deep and mindful breath in and release. Did your breath snag anywhere along the way?

Try it again. Smooth it out and slow it down this time. A few more easy and unrestricted breaths in and exhale.

Since we’ve been practicing the use of Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness, let’s take a moment to get present to any tension or stress lodged in your body, your mind, your spirit or your emotions. Cleanse and purify on the in breath and focus on releasing the stress or tension on the out breath, as negative energy moves farther and farther out and away from you.

Let the angels, the birds or the stars carry your stresses away and transform them.


Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

Breathe deeply.

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