Key 1: Mindfulness

Mindfulness and a New You

Banish Stress with Enchanted Breaths

Salutations Enchanted Journeyers,

It’s a new year and a perfect time to get clear on what you desire to create for yourself in 2016! Let’s use Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness to envision a new you.

Take enchanted breaths this week to release old habits, stagnant relationships, clutter, undesirable behaviors, etc. from 2015 and breathe in possibilities for the new year.

You know the drill.

Find a comfortable position. Feet flat on the floor. Arms resting gently by your sides. Lift and drop your shoulders. Gently place chin to chest and roll your head right to left and back again.

Deep and cleansing breath in, and gather thoughts of all the negative, outdated, unnecessary, get-em-gone things you want to rid yourself of from last year and on the exhale, slowly blow them away. You may need several deep breaths and exhales to let go of every one of them.

Take a few clear breaths, in and out, just to feel what that’s like.

Then create an intention for yourself for the year. Will this be the year that you focus on your health, reduce stress, battle the Dragons of loneliness? Maybe it’s the year that you learn to speak another language or knit. What will you choose?

After you’ve decided, visualize yourself as if you have already accomplished what you are setting out to do or be. Then breathe in how wonderful that feels. Exhale, enjoying the sense of well being. Inhale again and release.

You’re on your way!

Let us know what you intend by posting a comment on the Enchanted Blog. We’re ready to cheer for you on the sidelines.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

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