Key 1: Mindfulness

Mindful Investments: Time, Energy, Money, and Feelings

Mindful Investments: Time, Energy, Money, and Feelings

Mindful investments of time, energy, money, and feelings can become the default setting you need to make significant changes in your life.


The Game Plan

The initial aftermath of the holidays has passed and the speed of life’s treadmill gets turned up again. You need a mindful game plan for this year so you stop depleting your bank account of time, energy, money and feelings.

Dragon Chatter

Dragons can drive you on a wild ride, fueled by a desperate attempt to feel better about yourself. You might be down about your appearance, lack of quality friendships, family relationships or life fantasies that don’t match your actual life. An imagined quick fix might be to buy clothes, fragrances, make-up, cars, accessories, gym memberships in order to boost your self-esteem. These impulsive moves can give you whiplash. The thought may feel good at first, but then BOOM! There you are, when the dust settles, overwhelmed and panic-stricken. Let’s avoid that this year.

Four Columns

You don’t need to create elaborate spreadsheets. Just define four columns: time, energy, money and feelings. Take stock of your savings and investments in each category during this past year. Look at December’s expenses with a constructively critical eye. Did you invest well or did you squander time, energy, money and feelings in a way that brought regrets?

Time Investment

During the remainder of this year (and beyond) be mindful about what you would like to intentionally invest your time on. What percentage will go to caring for yourself, others in your circle of friends and family, and those to whom you give for the greater good?

Energy Investment

Consider your energy for what it actually is, rather than what you would like it to be or what it was 10 years ago. We all create idyllic scenes that don’t always pan out in reality. Your energy is precious. Name your deal breakers and your absolutes. Maybe shopping needs boundaries around it. No more shopping until you drop. Depletion should never be a goal.

Monetary Investment

Of the four, money appears to be the most considered until your integrity of word to self or others gets broken. Set a budget and stick to it. Factor in that spectacular must-have that you never expected to find, but don’t go crazy and ditch your whole plan. Those momentary highs disappear when you’re alone with your pile of bills.

Emotional Investment

Feelings make up the last column. What sucks you in and pulls you off balance? Look at this in quiet moments before you journey out. Do you wrestle with not being enough? Are you in competition with someone else? Are you making up for something that you or another person did? Do you ditch yourself to be present for others? Do you let people take advantage of you?

Divvy up the time, money, energy and feelings pie the way you want it.

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