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Mercury Retrograde-Take Time to Breathe Through It

Mercury Retrograde-Take Time to Breathe Through It

Mercury Retrograde. What’s the big hubbub you ask? Well, every time the planet Mercury is in retrograde, which is three or four times each year, everyone gets all nervous and depressed if they know about it and all confused and left out if they don’t.

Since I don’t want any of those negative experiences to be yours, I figure I’d tell you about Mercury retrogrades once more, in case you missed out during an earlier one. Use the focus of this week’s Enchanted Breath to plan how you will care for yourself during this retrograde.


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Three or four times a year, for about three and a half weeks each time, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it comes around the curve, Mercury slows and seems to station, or stop, in other words. Then it appears to reverse direction and spin backwards, in the opposite direction. Think of it like a hoop spinning on your finger. When you have built up momentum in one direction and then spin it in the opposite direction, there is a lag time before it picks up speed to move in the other directions.

Astrologers link mythological tales with the planets because the constellations are figures from ancient mythologies. The way a person responds to the configurations of the planets also has to do with the location and time of his or her individual births. Certain positioning of the planets, when they are direct, stationing, or retrograde, seemingly affect everyone.

Mercury is said to rule communication, travel, and technology, so when this planet is in retrograde, there is often a breakdown of some sort in these areas.

What to To Do When Mercury Is Retrograde

Don’t panic. We can’t lock ourselves indoors (with our broken cell phones, dishwashers, and televisions) just because Mercury is retrograde.

We can double-check appointment times, even when we think we know when they are. Leave extra time to allow for flat tires, re-directed routes, and unusual traffic patterns. Check that you have gas in the car. Be sure to repeat instructions, confirm that you have the correct phone numbers and addresses, back up your computer, and mindfully lock the door, turn off the stove, etc.

Mercury Retrograde During the Holidays

It can be especially stressful when Mercury is retrograde during the holidays. This year it’s from December 3 through December 22. Retrogrades are also a time to complete projects and tie up loose ends. It’s not the time to start fresh projects or begin something new. If you do, you’ll likely have to revisit it and revamp.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018

So there you have it. Mercury Retrograde in a nutshell. In the interest of helping you reduce stress here are the dates that Mercury is in retrograde for 2018:

March 22-April 15

July 25-August 18

November 16-December 6

Plan ahead. Reduce stress.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

Stay enchanted!

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