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Mental Cobwebs-Stress or Seasonal Allergies? Clear Them Out

Mental Cobwebs-Stress or Seasonal Allergies?

Dear Enchanted Ones, are you suffering from mental cobwebs? Let’s clear them out during this week’s Enchanted Breath. Whenever we find ourselves in a new season, we can get confused as to whether we’re experiencing mental stress or seasonal allergies. Of course the Dragons bring both. Mental stress and allergies can each throw a blanket of fog over your thoughts. You may feel sleepy or lethargic. It may seem like your head weighs 100 pounds. If the cause is stress, you may be unnecessarily medicating yourself with allergy remedies that you don’t need.

This particular technique that I’m about to share is not clinically proven to discern whether you’re suffering from mental stress or seasonal allergies, but I find that it works like a charm.


Release Stress

Get yourself into a comfortable seated position. If you lie down during this one you know that the Dragons will lull you to sleep. Regardless of congestion that might be present, breathe in slowly and deeply, and expand your lungs to the top of your breath. Hold at the top for a few seconds, and release in an audible sigh, through your mouth. Repeat. Roll your shoulders back a few times and then forward. Pull them down and hold them there for the count of four and then release. Gently arch your back and then round it, squeezing your stomach muscles in. Release your stomach, arch your back again and relax to a neutral position. Stretch your legs out in front of you, flex your feet and hold for a moment, and then point your toes. Repeat the flexing and pointing, then release.

Transport Yourself to a Tropical Island

Now imagine yourself transported to a tropical island. The sun is warm, there’s a cool breeze on your face, and the mist from the water is refreshing. There’s a platter of your favorite tropical fruits before you and a delicious exotic beverage or smoothie that you’re sipping through a straw. There’s a hint of fresh coconut in the air. Breathe in deeply, enjoying the scent. Say. “Ahhhh” on the exhale. Another deep, invigorating breath and “Ahhh,” release. Check in with your mind and see if the breeze, fruits, drink and total sensory experiences have your mind crystal clear like the deepest part of the water before you. Enjoy this place for several minutes. Then return to your current surroundings feeling relaxed and refreshed and able to discern whether your mental fog is caused from allergies or stress.

Discern Your Stress

If your mental cobwebs are caused by stress, consider what specifically is stressing you. Is it created from your own internal meanings or from outside pressure? Journal about it and break it down into clear and actionable steps. If you are suffering from allergies, research what natural remedies you might use. For example, if your allergies are from flowering trees and shrubs, consuming local honey prior to the blooms may help. Check with a naturopathic practitioner in your area for help.

Be sure to put a return visit to your tropical island on your to-do list.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

DISCLAIMER: Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.

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