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Key 6: Humor

Manage Stress, or Banish It, through The Enchanted Journey

Manage Stress, or Banish It, through The Enchanted Journey

Manage Stress, or Banish It, through The Enchanted Journey.  I have exciting news for you! I’ve created a FREE 5-day Challenge to bring you up to speed on the latest information about why it’s vitally important to jump on the journey to get a grip on your Dragons of Stress and tame them. You’ll discover why we don’t want to slay them, but put them to work for us.

During the five days, you’ll receive an email with prompts to help you assess your stress, understand why you need to train those Dragons, discover the mistakes that keep you from dealing with your stress, become aware of the power of the Ten Enchanted Keys, and shortcut to your Land of Enchantment.

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Enchanted Breath

Banish stress right now through your midweek Enchanted Breath. All month we’ve been paying attention to how we can use Enchanted Key #6-Humor. Can’t think of anything this moment that’s funny? Having that kind of week so far, are you? Have no fear.

Laughter. Your Body Remembers That It Feels Good

Let’s begin by taking a deep and cleansing breath in and release. Another one, please. Exhale. Now, read ahead and then you can close your eyes if you’re comfortable, and let a smile spread across your face, even if you’re not feeling it. Think about what belly laughing feels like for you. Maybe you watched someone else laugh so hard that tears rolled down their cheeks. Perhaps you remember a time when you felt as if you would split your sides laughing, or as if you’d done 100 sit-ups.

Do you know how great laughter is to banish stress? It’s fabulous. Roll your shoulders up and back and draw them down, while you gently put chin to chest. Roll your shoulders forward, and as you lift them up, slightly arch your back and raise your chin up to the sky and yawn.

That deep sense of relaxation occurs after a good laugh and often after a much-needed cry, but laughing is more fun.

Task of the Day

Find something that makes you laugh today. It will help you improve the quality of your life.

5-Day Challenge

I dare you to take the challenge and begin to manage or banish your stress today.

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