Key 8: Art

Makeup As An Art Expression For Women and Men

Makeup As An Art Expression For Women and Men

Makeup, as an art form for women and men, is the subject of this week’s Enchanted Key #8-Art.

Women have been wearing makeup for centuries. Originally, berries were crushed to shadow the eyelids, color the lips, and blush the cheeks, to resemble the rush of color during the peak of sexual excitement.


What Men Think About Make-up on Women

Men were interviewed to share their thoughts about makeup and women. A surprising majority stated that they thought women are naturally beautiful. Most like makeup applied with a light touch, and only if it looks natural. One man said, “No one wants to kiss a clown.” So, that’s a comforting thought. Other men, however, believed that women use makeup “to try and trick them into thinking that they are more attractive than they are.”

What Women Think About Make-up on Men

The general consensus seems to support men who are using makeup to conceal scars, dark circles, breakouts, etc. It’s long overdue for men to use makeup to cover these imperfections and enhance their looks. There was more of a divide regarding men who wear makeup that gives them the appearance of being in drag. Most women appreciate the differences between the genders with regard to male and female beauty. Therefore, there was more acceptance if makeup is used by men to cover imperfections, as well as if they are in the performing arts.

The Impact of Make-up

In a brief study, a group of women interviewed for a job with makeup, while another group interviewed without it. The ratings revealed that the women wearing makeup appeared to be more confident. All of this to say that makeup is art, our faces are the canvases, and art has an impact of one kind or another on people.

Contouring as a Trend

Currently, the trend in makeup focuses on contouring the face, and men are getting into the act of chiseling their features by hollowing out the cheekbones with darker shades and highlighting the areas upon which the light lands first.

If you can paint a realistic, dimensional face on a canvas, you can apply contouring makeup and if you can apply contouring makeup, then, it’s likely that you can also paint a face.

Don’t do mixed media on your face or you could end up looking like Picasso applied your contouring. Stick to either creams or powders. You’ll want a neutral skin shade that matches your own, a slightly darker one and a slightly lighter one.

The Primed Canvas of Your Face

First, follow your appropriate skin care regimen, cleansing and moisturizing to prep your skin. Then prime the canvas of your face, with the appropriate skin tone to create a neutral wash from hairline to below jawline and across the face to the ears on both sides. Blend into the neck. If you’ve used cream or liquid foundation, you can finish it off with a dusting of same-shade powder.

The Shadows

Accentuate the sunken in areas with the darker shade, applied with a large, angled brush. Use a motion from the outer corners in toward the direction of the nose. The shaded areas include: under the temples, cheekbones, and jawline, in the crease of the eyelids, the corners of the eyes down both sides of the nose, in the crease of the lip dip under the nose, and under the lower lip/above the chin.

The Highlights

Using the lightest shade and a smaller round brush, touch the T-zone with light. This includes a dusting on the forehead center, under the brow bone on the outer corner, straight down the nose, the tip of the nose, and the center of the chin. Apply blush to the highest point of the cheekbone and can touch that point with the highlight, as well.

Finishing Touches

Blend everything well. You can then add a soft line around the eyes to define them, a touch of color to the eyelids, and mascara to frame the eyes. A soft neutral colored lip pencil can define the lips. Lipstick or a swipe of gloss can follow.

Your Thoughts?

Please share your thoughts about makeup for men.

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