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Make Plans to Manage Your Holiday Stress Now

Make Plans to Manage Your Holiday Stress Now

Make plans to manage your holiday stress now. While we’re into the more relaxed summer months, here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the ideal time to get your How I Plan to Manage Holiday Stress in order so that when the end of the year rolls in with its glorious, yet insanely hectic overloaded stress, you’ll be ready.


Invitation to the 5-Day Challenge

That brings me to my invitation to you to take the 5-Day Challenge to Banish or Manage Your Stress! Five days of emails that help you figure out what stresses you, how you act when you’re stressed, and what you need to do about it. And let’s face it. We don’t wait until the holidays to feel stressed. Stress is everywhere, every day.

Make plans now and by the time the end of the year arrives, your new habits will be well established and you’ll be breathing easier.

Make Calm Your Default State

Let’s use this week’s Enchanted Breath to train our bodies, minds, and spirits for calm and serenity. The more you practice, the sooner this will become your default. Stress isn’t going to leave on its own. It has to be ushered out.

Enchanted Breath

So breathe with me now. Deep and cleansing breath in, hold for a count of four, and exhale deeply. Do this again, and as you exhale and empty your lungs of breath, release tension in your physical body. Gently roll your head around.  In a controlled movement, lift and drop your shoulders up and down a few times. Using your ribcage and your back, trace circles in one direction and then the other. Do the same with your hips. Rotate your ankles and flex and point your feet.You’re on the path toward banishing that stress and taking charge of your response to stress.

Take the Challenge

Please click the link to hop on the Tranquility Train and sign up for the Challenge. You know the end of the year stressors will arrive whether you’re ready for them or not. Here’s the antidote to that stress.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of stress!”

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