List Your Faves in the Sensory Survey
Key 4: Sensory Experiences

List Your Faves in the Sensory Survey

Salutations enlivened Journeyers!

It’s Week 17 of the year, already. Are you living life in color, now that you’re paying attention to the sensory experiences all around you?

Just because we’re finishing our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #4-Sensory Experiences, doesn’t mean that you forget to stop and see, hear, smell, taste and touch the beauty that you’ve learned to make a part of your life. Don’t succumb to those Dragons who will lure you back into living life as a blur.

I have a fun, fill-in-the-blank journal exercise for you today. After you have done it, I’d like you to share it with your friends and see if you can guess what their answers would be. Then, to up the ante on enchantment, keep their answers handy to make memories with them even more special.

Jot down a list of your favorite sights.


  1. What colors absolutely thrill you?
  2. What images bring you the greatest peace?
  3. What in nature do you love to observe?
  4. Who do you wish you could see right now?

Now for the list of your favorite sounds.


  1. What sounds make you smile?
  2. What sounds in nature comfort you?
  3. What kind of music stirs your soul?
  4. How are you affected by silence?

Free-flow a list of your favorite scents.


  1. What three scents top your list?
  2. What food smell evokes the happiest memories for you?
  3. If you could smell like something all of the time, what would it be?
  4. What scent conjures for you, inspiration, hope, and the freshness of new beginnings?

Write down those favorite tastes.


  1. IF you had to choose one, what is your all-time favorite taste?
  2. Favorite food?
  3. Favorite beverage?
  4. We have the long-known receptors for sweet, sour, salty and bitter.  Most scientists confirm the fifth taste, umami, (the taste of glutamate found in Japanese foods, such as kombu, bacon and MSG-which is AWFUL for you!) Being debated is whether there exists a sixth receptor for fat. That said, which taste group do you crave most often?

Time for your list of favorite textures on things you like to touch. (Don’t forget puppies!) Remember, too, that we don’t just touch things with our hands.


  1. When you were a child, did you have a “blankie” or a favorite stuffed animal whose ear you wore out? What textures brought you comfort back then?
  2. What textures got on your nerves?
  3. What fabrics make you feel luxurious?
  4. What natural materials do you love to surround yourself with?

Host an enchanted party and have your guests do this journaling exercise! It’s a terrific icebreaker. If you discover that someone special loves the taste of chocolate, has happy childhood memories of eating ice cream and is thrilled by the scent of summer basil, then invite him or her over for a chocolate basil ice cream cone! (BTW, the flavor combination is quite delicious.)

Have fun and please post your comments! We love to hear from you.


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