Art Enchanted Keys Key 8: Art

Assemblage of Letters in Found Objects

Assemblage of letters in found objects makes for a fun outing and project. In our Enchanted Key #8-Art “artsenal” for combating stress, are letters of the alphabet in found objects that have meaning in words! I’m beside myself with joy about this craze that’s gaining popularity everywhere.

AUG 14-THIS ONE welcome letter block

You can create your name or a word, like PEACE or LOVE with found objects in nature or photos of found things in the shape of letters. In the word, ME, the “M” might be a heating coil and the “E” a sideways pitchfork.

Couples can design their names and wedding date, affix it on blocks or photograph the letters and individually frame them. Babies’ names with their birthdate can be featured.

Online, you can find artists who have done the photography for you. You select letters or numbers and preview how it looks.

But how much fun would it be to do it yourself? Imagine the possibilities. As a couple, parents, or a group of friends, you could plan a photography excursion to find your names, or your child’s name, in nature or in materials in the world around you. After your photos are taken, you can frame them and enjoy the piece of art, as well as the memories you made! Maybe you’d enjoy collecting the actual objects and making the assemblage by mounting them on a board and hanging it in your home or office.

While writing this post, I had to take a break to go to the field to cheer for our grandson at his baseball game. One of our daughters ran up to me, clutching something in her hand. In the parking lot she had found a foam letter “T” that had been drawn on to look like a tree. “Here’s the first letter of your name for your blog!” Her enthusiasm has inspired me to find the rest of my  name! I have two letters now because when I went grocery shopping and set the bananas on the countertop, they splayed into an “E,” so I’m on a roll. When I’ve completed my name, I’ll show you the result.

In the meantime, please post photos of your discoveries of this enchanting art form.

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