Key 8: Art

Letter Blocks: An Enchanting Art Form To Try and Enjoy!

Letter Blocks: An Enchanting Art Form

Letter Blocks have been around for awhile, but they continue to provide such enchantment! In our new focus for the month, we’re paying attention to Enchanted Key #8-Art. In our “artsenal” for combating stress, are letter blocks! This is an activity you can do alone with great joy, or involve the whole family.


What It is

Using letter blocks as an art form allows you to select a meaningful name or names, or word that inspires you. You can begin by finding or making letters of the word or name you’ve chosen.

A Single Inspiring Word

Let’s say you’d like to feature your name or a word, such as PEACE or LOVE. The next step is to search for found objects in nature or photos of things in the shape of those letters. In the word, ME, the “M” might be a heating coil and the “E” a sideways pitchfork.

Letter Blocks As Gifts

Couples can design their names and wedding date, affix it on blocks or photograph the letters and individually frame them. Babies’ names with their birthdate can be featured.

An Enchanted Excursion

You can set out to find objects in nature, or the hardware store, that resemble the letters you’ve chosen for your special word. Let your imagination run wild and make artsy choices. The side of a saw horse can represent an “A” and you could snap a photo of it. This way you can take photos of each of your letters, without carting home an actual object.

Artists Who Have Done the Work For You

If you wish to bypass this enchanting adventure in finding your own letters, there are artists who have done the photography for you. You can find their work online. You select themes and letters or numbers and preview how it looks. But how much fun it is to do it yourself! Imagine the possibilities. A couple could plan a photography excursion to find their names in nature or in materials in the world around them.

Frame the Letter Blocks

After the photos are taken, or the materials gathered, mount or frame them and enjoy the piece of art, as well as the memories you made!

I photograph letters as I find them in nature, but you can rearrange them, if you like. It’s not cheating. I repositioned the tree branch to make it a “T” for the first letter of my name.

Join in the fun! Please post photos of your discoveries of this enchanting art form.

Stay Enchanted!

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