Enchanted Breaths Key 10: Meditation

Leaves Released From the Trees Help Us To Let Go of Our Stresses

Leaves Released From the Trees Help Us To Let Go of Our Stresses

Leaves released let go of their branches and fall gently to the ground. We can take a few cues from them. Kick up some fall leaves during this enchanted midweek breath. First let’s take a few deep and cleansing breaths of the crisp fall air. Feel it enter your nostrils in a cool stream and exhale through your mouth in rush of released stagnant qi. Another refreshing deep breath in, and on the outbreath, whoosh a release.


Let Your Inner Child Out To Play

Invite your inner child out to play, and imagine yourself in boots stomping around in a huge pile of crispy autumn leaves. You can scoop them up into your arms and throw them in the air. Pick out your favorite one and press it into a book. Select a leaf from which you can do an artistic rubbing. Study its colors, veins and unique beauty.

Find A Tree That Releases its Leaves

Now imagine yourself walking across a grassy knoll toward the tree that released those leaves. Spread out a quilted blanket on the ground, at its base. The sun is warm and yet there is a cool, inviting breeze. Lie on your back on the quilt and look up at the sky through the tree branches. Watch the leaves as they disengage and twirl themselves to the ground. Imagine that each leaf that has fallen is something that stresses you. If they are tasks, for instance, they may still exist but the worries about them fall away.

Lie on the Ground

Spend a few moments letting your body melt stresses and tensions through the quilt, giving them to Gaia, or Mother Earth. She knows what to do to transform them into something glorious. In the meantime, you’re practicing the art of grounding or earthing.

Ask Yourself This Question

What will you let go of?


Rest a moment there before returning your attention to the present surroundings, feeling relaxed and refreshed and easily able to go on with the rest of your day. Lighter now, aren’t you?

“Enchanted breaths are the ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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