Key 6: Humor

Laughter Shared-A Great Connector

Laughter Shared-A Great Connector

Laughter shared, is such a great connector. It bonds us to others through a common, joyful, experience. Sometimes, actually having been there, aka “you had to be there,” is the only way to appreciate just how funny it was.

Humor-Enchanted Key #6

Enchanted Key #6-Humor, is our focus this month, in which we’ll explore all the ways to introduce humor or augment it in our lives.


Remember the Good Times

When something occurs that is hilariously funny we think we will absolutely remember it. Nope. Not necessarily. Events take their place on the timeline of our experiences and slip away from view.

If we don’t write it down or record it in some way, chances are that the episode will disappear into forgotten oblivion. It’s just human nature. Have you ever almost remembered something? Like, you can be with the other person who experienced it, too, and you remember laughing so hard that it makes you laugh all over again, even though you can’t remember what it was that happened!

This is reason enough to record your humorous memories. Write them in a journal, make a video or tell them to others. You’ll be able to retrieve the entire scenario from your memory bank with the right prompts. Then you get to enjoy it all over again.

Sources For Humor

You Tube is a great resource for funny videos. Babies and animals provide endless humor, as do books, movies and TV shows. Many of the best moments are priceless mundane occurrences that have a twist that make them funny. Pinterest is a wonderful place to find boards about Humor. Start your own and share it with friends.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home

In preparing this post, I came across my journal entry from a few years ago. One of my daughters and I accepted a ride home from an event with a young man whom we knew. It was a cold night and we were wearing heavy coats but he only had on a long-sleeved shirt. We buckled ourselves into our seat belts and he cranked up the heat. Shortly thereafter, with my lipstick liquefying and rivulets of sweat pouring into my eyes, I tried to wrestle myself out of my coat like I was Houdini. “It’s a bit too warm in here,” I said, and he agreed, saying it felt great to finally thaw out.

I looked at my daughter, sitting in the back, through the vanity mirror, as she hung her head to the side, tongue out, as if she had passed out. I had to pinch myself to keep from dissolving into uncontrollable laughter. After this kind man dropped us off and drove away, the two of us collapsed into fits of hysteria. That will be funny forever.

Universal Laughter

Laughter shared, can be very unifying. Strangers in a movie theatre, witnessing the surprise of a flash mob, or laughing at something at the dinner table provides a connection that is priceless. It becomes a gift that keeps on giving.

Seek Humor

I encourage you to create a humor journal, funny photo album, save FB posts, or devote a section of your DVD library to things that make you laugh. Break it open in case of emergency.

Please share your resources for humor by posting them on The Enchanted Blog.

Question of the Day

What do you find funny? Let us know!

Keep laughing and stay enchanted.

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