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Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Kitchens: A Place to Heighten Sensory Experiences

Kitchens: A Place to Heighten Sensory Experiences

Kitchens are the perfect place to layer on sensory experiences.

Sensory Experiences in the Kitchen

Since we kicked off Enchanted Key #4 this month, Sensory Experiences, by looking at how to enhance what goes on the bedroom, let’s take a few minutes to focus on how you can magnify the awesomeness of your kitchen.

kitchen-dream sensory-kitchen-organize-decorate

Take Inventory

Begin this journey into actually seeing what your kitchen looks like…not what you wish it looked like. Do you have dirty dishes in the sink? Does the inside of the refrigerator look like a giant science experiment? Are there coffee ring stains on the table and ratty dish towels? Are there crumbs under the table or pet food on the floor that drifted out of the bowls?

Do your appliances make a ton of noise? Do you have a TV, radio, and computer on while preparing your meals?

Can you smell rotting food that has spoiled, a lingering odor from the burnt toast, or residual olfactory nastiness from the oily fish you cooked last night? Maybe all you smell is the toxic cleaning products used to “clean” your kitchen.

If you can’t discern whether it’s milk or cheese, there’s a problem. When you realize that you’re passing some food stuff around for an opinion poll of whether or not it’s past its prime, you know that it is.

If the texture of the food has disintegrated, everything is the same shade of greenish/black, then you get that your kitchen is not the most enchanted place on earth.

Here’s what you can do to make your kitchen enchanting.


Set the table as if you’re having a dinner party, even if it’s just you that’s attending! Don’t wait for company to enjoy your china and crystal. Wipe the table clean, add fresh flowers or herbs in a vase, and add a runner, placemats or cloth napkins and napkin rings. Light a few candles. Keep a bowl of fruit out in a decorative bowl or tiered serving piece.

Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized. You can make labels and designate areas inside of both the pantry and refrigerator for your items. Leftovers look different when they’re given a place of honor. Print a grocery list off with your most used and favorite items in categories such as meat, poultry, pasta, fruit, vegetables, etc. Keep it on a clipboard, along with a highlighter and pen and immediately highlight it on the list when it’s almost gone.

Wash the dirty dishes right away and/or rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. After the nighttime meal, wipe the table and sweep or vacuum the floor. You want the kitchen to look welcoming and fresh when it greets you in the morning.


Don’t bombard yourself with sounds while you’re prepping your food. You can put pleasing music on, or a favorite show that plays in the background. Don’t distract yourself, though, because chopping vegetables and looking up to watch something don’t mix. If you’re in the market for new appliances, try the blenders and dishwashers that feature reduced noise.


You can add a diffuser in your kitchen but be mindful of what scents you choose. Always use a non-chemical fragrance and an essential oil that blends with scents of the kitchen and doesn’t fit with them. Florals may not be the best choice. Citrus scents of lemon, lime, or orange work well, as does vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves. Keep seasonal scents in mind. A non-soy based, non-chemically treated incense stick or punk works well, too. The smell of your delicious meal may be all that you need.


Tastes are an obvious choice when considering sensory experiences in the kitchen. Be aware of keeping it simple, though. A taste-dense entree would do well to have a light appetizer, salad, and dessert. Don’t overload a meal and balance the protein and carbs. Pay attention to savory vs. sweet flavors.


Make sure your kitchen towels are fresh, clean, and absorbent. Some designs render them slick and they can’t even mop up a drop of water. Be an alchemist and mix the metals of the flatware with the satiny finish of a cloth napkin. Secure a rosebud to a ribbon for a napkin ring and you’ve got a lovely blending of textures. Tile floors with knobby area rugs, stone backsplashes with cast iron pots and hand made pottery dishes are textural dreams.

Think about your kitchen this week and how you can enhance the experience of being in there. What do you need to clean up and clear out and what touches would you like to add?

Stay enchanted!

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