Key 3: Journaling

Journals Are Containers For Your Thoughts and Feelings

Journals Are Containers For Your Thoughts and Feelings

Journals as containers for your thoughts and feelings isn’t a new concept. Actually, it’s an old one. Diaries used to be the place to go to unload heartaches, break ups, secret crushes, dreams you didn’t dare tell anyone, and firsts…of all kinds.


Journals of Today

These days, journals hold a lot more. They’re a place for creative expression, in addition to all of the old-school purposes. You can journal your feelings in images that you draw, paint, color with pencils or crayons, or collage from magazine cut outs. Many people use this method because if someone else sneaks a peek at your journal, they might not readily be aware of what it means to you.

Memories Chronicled

Long after you create a journal page of this sort, you’re likely to remember how you felt and what was going on for you. Years after I’ve made some of my pages, I can recall just what I was experiencing. In the above entry, from several years ago, I was battling a sinus infection that plagued me, off and on, all winter. Journal pages serve to track your process and progress as well.

The Dumping Ground

Release everything from your overcrowded mind, body, and spirit, onto your journal pages. Your journal can do the heavy lifting to contain it all. It’s all in one place, on the outside of you.

Things in Your Way

Sometimes feelings can get big and they can be in your way. Fear, for example, can keep you from moving forward with your dreams or plans. Journaling, whether in writing or images, can move the fears out of your mind and body, in order to contain them on the page. Often, insights reveal themselves and patterns of thought and behaviors become clear. Maybe you’re bottled up with anger or tears keep you from speaking your truth. Get clear, while clearing yourself and the path ahead.

Try Journaling

So try your hand at journaling and see what appears on the page!

Stay enchanted.

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