Key 3: Journaling

Spring Cleaning and Journaling-What They’ve Got in Common

Spring Cleaning and Journaling-What They’ve Got in Common

Spring cleaning and journaling might sound like two completely different tasks but we’re going to join them together today. You know how last week the journaling exercise was to open a book, pick a random word and journal about it?

Well you know that I had done the exercise, too, to see what might come up. The word I randomly chose was “spheres.” I wrote in my journal: I don’t have any relationship to spheres. (Really? spheres? I have no feelings or relationship to the word at all. But I kept writing.) A sphere is a ball or a circle. I looked up the definition to see if that would help.

Journaling the Definition


1. a round solid figure, with every point on its surface equidistant from its center.

2. an area of activity, interest, or expertise;

3. social order or rank “not in the same sphere as his moneyed friends”

Circles in My Sphere

I found myself writing more about circles, than spheres. I wrote: How do I feel about the shape of a sphere? I like circles, and a sphere suggests that it also has depth and dimension, and that I’d be the center of the sphere from which all things in my world are equidistant. There’s an infinite cyclical nature inherent in circles. Like the seasons that cycle one to the next.

I Don’t Like Circles

When don’t I like circles? I don’t like when people talk in circles. I don’t like when people form little circles, like cliques, and exclude others in a hurtful way. The definition that said, “not in the same sphere as his moneyed friends,” took me there. I don’t like when irritating, Dragon-fueled thoughts run circles inside of my head.

I Do Like Circles

But circles also make me think of my circle of family and close friends and circles as boundaries. There is an inner circle, in which I share my deepest thoughts, emotions and the musings of my secret heart. Then there is the outer circle with whom I connect, but not in the same way.

Spring Cleaning-Who Belongs in My Sphere

From this exercise I found a Call to Action. I decided it was time to go through my circles to be sure that those who are in the inner circle still belong there. So, from the prompt of journaling one word, I did some spring cleaning of my relationships and review of who is and who isn’t in the inner sphere of my life. I also looked at my progress on the online course I’m creating for you and how the process can often feel like I’m running in circles with one foot nailed to the floor. I considered what restricts me and how to get free. Now it’s full speed ahead!

Give Journaling a Try

See how it works? If you haven’t journaled in this way, try your hand at it, and if you have, try it again! Consider who does and doesn’t belong in your sphere.

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