Journaling Exercise: Take the Mundane, Make it Enchanting
Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Journal Exercise: Take the Mundane, Make it Enchanting

Dear Sensory Journeyers,

Welcome to Week 16 of 2016. Previously, I encouraged you to add layers of enchantment on to experiences that you already love, to heighten them further. This week’s challenge is to invite the senses to those dreary mundane tasks that your Dragons love to distract you from while convincing you that there are better things to do.

Then you find yourself falling asleep on mounds of crumpled laundry, staring into an empty refrigerator when your belly is already growling, and moving mountains of papers aside on your oversized desk for a square inch in which to leave yourself a note that you will neither see nor read.

While this hints at next month’s Enchanted Key #5 Reduced Clutter, know that performing these undesirable tasks in tandem with sensory experiences makes them so much better. (Hear the Dragons whimpering?)

So pick a task, any task, and play along. What’s a cyclical task that has you rolling your eyes to the back of your head, gnashing your teeth and cursing under your breath because you have to keep doing it again and again?

For some people, it’s laundry. For others, it’s filing, grocery shopping, cooking or making the bed. Maybe it’s paying bills or balancing your checkbook. Whatever it is, I’m sure that you are well aware of the Dragon chatter present at these times.

Grab your journal and write down the task, what your Dragons have to say about it and your overlay of adding sensory experiences to make it a kinder, gentler activity. For example:

The Task: making the bed

Dragon Chatter: I hate making the bed. I don’t have to! I’m a grown up and no one can tell me to make my bed. What’s the point? I’m only going to get in it at the end of the day anyway. What a time-sucker that is!

Adding Sensory Experiences: Ask WWMED?-What Would My Enchantress Do?

Then access your Internal Enchantress or Wizard to encourage you.

Sight: The room definitely looks neater when the bed is made. It is truly more inviting when you turn down the covers to cozy in at the end of a long day. You’ll be able to see that you are not sleeping alongside a dog bone and the stapler you used and didn’t put away. Admire the colors of the bed linens.

Sound: Let yourself appreciate the sound of fluffing and plumping the pillows. Enjoy the rustling of the comforter being aired as you lift out the wrinkles and shake it into place.

Smell: Give your sheets a quick spray of calming essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, before tucking in. Lemon offers a fresh scent while Clary Sage is woodsy. (A few drops can be added to a spray bottle of water. You don’t want the concentrated oils to stain your pretty sheets.)

Taste: While you likely won’t be nibbling on your 300 count Egyptian cotton sheets, maybe you can scooch into bed with a belly-warming mug of tea or minted water.

Touch: Feel and appreciate the textures of your sheets and comforter, blanket or quilt. Is it knobby or smooth? Flannel or silk?

Tip: Upon awakening, sit up in bed and pull the sheets and blanket taut, up to your neck, fold a corner down, to slip out of the bed, and then yank that corner up. Done. Bed made.

Share with us what cyclical task has the Dragons chasing you! We want to make it better.

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