Key 3: Journaling

Journal Your Dragons of Stress On To the Page

Journal About Your Dragons of Stress

Journal about your Dragons of Stress. They lurk in the dark corners of your mind. They especially like to come out at night. Usually it’s when you’re trying to get to sleep or get back to sleep. You know them, right? They represent all of the things you said during the day that you wish you hadn’t. They’re the actions you took that you knew you shouldn’t have taken. They’re also the thoughts you wished you’d expressed, but didn’t, and the art/music/poetry you’ve pushed off creating until someday.

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Journal Stress Onto the Page

Journaling literally draws the stress from your body and mind when you write or sketch your feelings and thoughts. Creating a journaling practice helps you get into the habit of releasing stress on a regular basis. Can’t sleep? Instead of tossing and turning, get up and do a journal entry. Feeling anxious about the minutes on the clock ticking away? Give your stress a color, shape, size and paint, use colored pencils, or collage it right into your journal.

Schedule Time to Journal

Before it becomes a regular practice, you must begin it. Then you need to do it again. And again. Scheduling time to journal makes you much more likely to do it than if you said, “I really need to journal today,” or “this week,” etc. Write in your planner, on your wall calendar, or in your tea leaves, exactly when you can take ten minutes to journal. Believe it or not, that’s plenty of time to express what’s up for you. Of course, feel free to take a bit longer if you wish. Shorter is sometimes better with regard to a consistent practice. You’ll develop a rhythm that suits you.

Daylight Savings Time (DST)

Here in the United States, (with the exception of a few states now) we switched to Daylight Savings Time in the wee hours of this morning. We moved our clocks ahead, losing an hour of sleep. Don’t you think the Dragons of Sleep Deprivation are all about it?

Well, it gives you more hours of daylight in which to journal. You might be tempted to think DST stands for Dragon Slaying Time, but we actually don’t want to slay our Dragons because they have so much power that we can utilize. We just need to assess our dragons of stress and redirect them to do what we want them to do.

Assess Your Dragons of Stress

Speaking of which, my online mini-course, Assess Your Dragons of Stress, (taken from the full course) is the perfect way to begin to know and understand your Dragons. From there, in the full course, RETREAT FROM STRESS: A Meditative Spa for the Soul,, I’ll teach you how to harness their energy through sitting, writing, and moving meditations.

Stay enchanted!


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