Job Satisfaction-Find A New Perspective or A New Job?

Job Satisfaction-Find A New Perspective or A New Job?

Job satisfaction. Would you say that you have that? It’s a whole lot different than the question, “Are you happy at your job?” We’re diving into a month-long focus on Enchanted Key #2-Altered Perceptions and I was thinking about how many people tell me that they hate their job and/or their boss. It doesn’t make for happiness in the heart or the workplace.


What the Research Shows

I dug a little deeper and discovered that Gallup polls have been done for the past eighteen years or so measuring job “satisfaction,” from millions of employees in almost 200 countries around the world. These polls don’t inquire about happiness or job enjoyment. They measure how “well they perform,” and somehow that translates into satisfaction.

The Sad Truth

It turns out that 85%-90% of the world’s work force finds their work to be more frustrating than fulfilling. For several, strongly disliking their bosses adds to the stress and dissatisfaction. And how many hours a day are we at work????

Bad News

According to these polls, the highest levels of respondents indicating “hatred” for their jobs are in the Middle East and North Africa. In China and Japan, a staggering 94% of workers are “not engaged” in their work. “Stress, clinical burnout and subsequent suicide rates are so dire, it has prompted the Japanese government to intervene.”

Slightly Good News

For those of us working in the United States, only about 70% of people hate their jobs. See how when you use the Enchanted Key to Altered Perceptions that sounds like a good thing? But seriously, we’ve got to turn this thing around.

Solutions If You’re The Boss

If you’re the boss, one Altered Perception solution might be to begin communications with what your employee is doing well and offer praise and gratitude for that before moving into the criticisms. With regard to the desired changes, be mindful not to character assassinate the worker.

Don’t say things like, “Because you’re lazy, you procrastinate and then nothing is done on time.” Rather, frame it in a positive light. “When tasks are completed in a timely fashion, the day runs smoothly and we don’t fall behind.” Then ask how you can help them achieve this more effectively. Maybe create incentives and rewards all along the way.

Solutions If You’re the Employee

Everyone who has a job wants to feel lucky for having a job but that is not always the case. Many people today are concerned that they could easily be replaced by robots and that doesn’t help morale. Robots aren’t likely to have the brightest smile in the office, be the one who listens compassionately to others, or make the best mood-boosting blueberry muffins.

Your Unique Brand

See what you can bring to the workplace as your special brand. Also take a look at what is positive about your job. A stance of gratitude can help you bypass some of the lesser annoyances. Focus your energy on what is working for you about the job. If the perks don’t outweigh the angst, and an attitude adjustment doesn’t improve your situation, you might think about looking for a new job.

Never Excuse Abuse

In the meantime, if you’re suffering from any form of abuse in the workplace, that’s never acceptable. HR is in place to protect management so they may or may not be of help to you. Contact an attorney if you are experiencing bullying in the workplace. Stats show that about 61% of adults do experience this at work. Document everything with dates and times and an outline of the incident. Sadly, there are no state and federal laws governing verbal abuse or bullying in the workplace, but if there is sexual harassment, mental, verbal, or physical abuse, seek legal action to protect your wellbeing or find another job.

You matter.

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