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Invisible? You Don’t Have to Be Anymore


#10-Feel Invisible of 10 Signs That You’re A Doormat. Do you ever feel invisible? There are ways to change that and times when it’s a good idea.


Do you feel invisible when:

-you do speak up and others behave as if you didn’t?

-you walk into a room and no one looks at or talks to you?

-your thoughts and feelings aren’t considered?

-your own Dragons of Anxiety choke hold you and you can’t express yourself?

-you compare yourself to others and fall short?

You’re not alone. If you surveyed people, you’d find that nearly everyone feels invisible at times.


Jot your answers down in a journal.

  1. Assess how much is self-judgment. People are thinking about themselves rather than intentionally dismissing you.
  2. Figure out when you feel invisible. At parties? Work? In your family? Narrowing it down makes it more manageable.
  3. What do you do when you feel invisible? Slump? Retreat to the corner? Become silent? Literally use my Enchanted Key to Altered Perceptions and do the opposite of what you’d normally do. Experiment! Stand taller. Move yourself to the center of the room. Approach someone and ask an open-ended question, one not answered with a yes-or-no response. Further connect or move on.


Care for yourself and be kind in your thoughts.

Repair by choosing a different action than you normally would.

Share a relevant statement about yourself.

Dare to ask a question of someone else.


At a party. Everyone’s talking about a scary movie you didn’t want to see. Search out someone who seems quiet as well.

Care for yourself with a deep breath.

Repair by standing taller and taking a deep breath.

Share with: “Hi! I’m (your name). I haven’t seen it because I don’t like scary movies.” Dare to ask, “What’s your favorite genre of movies?”


The New Year is a great time to explore the power of journaling. Visit my Enchanted Blog to get started.

Thank you, Rose, for having me! It’s been a pleasure to assist the members of your beautiful Society For Recovering Doormats.

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