Enchanted Keys Key 6: Humor

Humor Hurts Others When It’s Misused As a Destructive Weapon

Humor Hurts When It’s Misused as a Destructive Weapon

Humor hurts when it’s misused. We can’t focus on Enchanted Key #6-Humor, without also taking a look at the dark side. Whether it applies to people, pets, or government officials, if the intention is to hurt someone in a derisive manner, then it’s not humorous.


Defining Derisive Humor

According to the dictionary, the following words also fall under the category of derisive: “mocking, jeering, scoffing, sneering, disdainful, scornful, contemptuous, taunting, insulting, scathing, and sarcastic.”

What’s Not Funny

As good example is Kathy Griffin’s stunt with a gory mock-up of Trump’s head. That was not funny. As a comedienne, I’d have thought that she would have had more awareness of the derisive line that she was crossing. Maybe she did. In my opinion, she crossed the line so far that she went backwards.

Whenever we focus on this Enchanted Key as a stress reducer, I receive more mail about the painful repercussions of hurtful humor than any other kind. No creature should ever suffer the pain of the gift of humor, misused. People share their misery of being the brunt of the jokes in their family. They also suffer from being the focus of humiliation by someone who used them as the target of negative attention. Please check yourself to be sure that you don’t use this kind of humor.

Humor That Joins People Together

Think about the side-splitting and deeply tender and compassionate humor of Robin Williams. He joined the world together with his brand of humor. Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams’ mentor, also brought a style of humor, with his deadpan expression and quick-witted improvisational humor that brought us all into common experience.

Humor as a Healing Tool

Please enlighten others. Humor has the power to bond people together, be a universal language, and a powerful healing tool. Let’s use it wisely.

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