Key 9: Nature

Hug A Tree, Embrace Nature, and Do Less to De-Stress

Hug A Tree, Embrace Nature, and Do Less to De-Stress

Hug A Tree, Embrace Nature, and Do Less to De-Stress is a little rhyme you can sing to yourself. If you’re like me, and every single person I’ve spoken to in the past few weeks, you feel the pressures of mounting stress pressing down on you.

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Get Out In Nature

Before you do anything else, go outside and seek refuge in nature. Literally put your arms around the trunk of a tree and give it a hug. In doing so, you’ll be pressing your own heart against something solid, alive, timely, and of Mother Nature, herself.

Breathe in Calm

Take your Enchanted Breath this week while hugging a tree, walking by a stream, sitting under a shade tree, surrounded by beautiful flowers in bloom, with toes dug into sand, soil sifted through your fingers, or while touching the soft leaves of a lamb’s ear plant.

Enchanted Breath

Breathe in deeply and evenly to the top of your breath. Hold it a moment or two and exhale, steadily and evenly until you have expelled your tension. Keep repeating this action until you feel calmer than you did before you began.

Then be the tree as you shake your limbs, arms and legs, discharging tension and releasing anxiety pent up in your emotions. Shake your head, your hips, your belly and back, and then come to stillness and rest. Envision the tension and anxiety exiting your body, mind, and spirit, down through your legs and out through your fingertips and the bottoms of your feet.

Do Less

Next, take a look at your calendar. Take 3 things off your list that you don’t need to fit in along with everything else. Feel the power in opening some blank space. During this month of focus on Enchanted Key #9-Nature, take time to heal and feel by stepping outside. You don’t have to spend hours out there, but a good twenty minutes of sunshine on your face, wind in your soul, or raindrops on your bare feet can be just what you need.

Hug a Tree.

Do Less.


Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

Stay enchanted!

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