Health Goals You Set Now Can Last A Lifetime
Key 1: Mindfulness

Health Goals in the New Year To Last a Lifetime

Health Goals in the New Year To Last a Lifetime

Health goals in the new year can go a long way toward boosting your longevity.

There are various aspects of health to consider, such as weight control, nutrition, exercise, sleep, balance between work and play, and numerous others.


The Wellbeing of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions

Health goals can be set for each of these, but don’t try to change everything at once. It might make more sense to build on goals during each quarter of the year.

For the Mind

Taking care of your mind might include organization, which can relieve you from having to hold too many details. Write them down or enter them into the computer in a sustainable system. Regularly clearing your thoughts through a meditation practice is another great health goal for the mind. Learn a language, engage in a field of study, or play word games, to boost your mental acuity.

For the Body

Health goals for your body can include cutting out or adding even one thing that is either detrimental or beneficial to your routine. If you only cut out sodas or food containing aspartame, you’d be doing your body and mind a favor. Including a daily 20-minute walk can tone your body, help to clear your mind, and lift your spirits and mood. Being sure to drink half your weight in pure, filtered water each day hydrates your body, making your organs and skin very happy.

For the Spirit

Doing things to nourish and elevate your spirit are important. Do things you love, with people you love to spend time with. Having a spiritual practice, which can be totally separate from a religious practice, helps to put you in touch with energies outside of yourself.

For the Emotions

Health goals for your emotions can include regular clearing out of negative feelings that you might normally suppress. Learning to share your feelings and communicate in a non-judgmental way to let others know how you have been affected by them is healthy. Understanding the cause of your anger, sadness, or fear, as well as your joy, paves the way toward doing more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t.

Take One Action

A recent Enchanted Blog post was about doing less in the New Year. Most people set too many goals that aren’t realistic to achieve or they set no goals at all to avoid disappointing themselves. I suggested that three goals should be set, with one being a quality to obtain. Maybe another of the three can be a health goal. Review all of your hopes and habits and take one action that you can repeat until it’s your healthy default.

You can post a comment to let us know what healthy changes you can look forward to this year and in the years ahead.

Stay enchanted!

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