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Grounding is Needed at This Time of Stress and Chaos

Grounding is Needed at This Time of Stress and Chaos

Grounding, dear Enchanted Ones, is what we need right now. We are in the aftermath of the hurricanes, with new ones gathering right behind those. As the weather conditions swirl, so too do we. We’ve got the New Moon entering tomorrow night and then the new season on Friday. It’s important to consciously be grounding ourselves.


Got Overwhelm?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of you and am aware that many feel overwhelmed. In acknowledgment of that, I’m going to shorten the Wednesday Enchanted Breath posts for now, to just offer you a poster and a reminder to breathe.

Take Your Enchanted Breath

So for today, right now, stop what else you’re doing and take a moment for your Enchanted Breath. You can do this in a standing or seated position. Stamp your feet and shake your hands to let the tension loose. Raise your arms up overhead and then float them down. Let them come to rest in your lap. Gently roll your head around in one direction a few times, and then roll it around in the other direction. Roll your shoulders forward, up, and then back. Do this a few times and then reverse the direction. Alternate arching and then rounding your back.

Breathing with Intention

Breathe. Deeply in. Deeply out. Again. Deeply in. Deeply out. One way to help you with grounding is to invite you to add an intention to your breath. Beyond inhaling and exhaling, you can visualize breathing a desired quality or state inward and then releasing what you want to let go of on the exhale. The reverse order can leave you on a positive note.

For example:

Breath in deeply, then say:

I exhale chaos and (on the next breath) inhale peace.

I exhale anxiety and inhale calm.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life!”

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