Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Gardens: The Full Expression of Sensory Experiences

Gardens: The Full Expression of Sensory Experiences

Gardens. There’s no better place to experience beauty than in the sensory experiences of your gardens. It’s Earth Day, too. Happy Earth Day! You don’t need a huge expanse of land on which to stake your claim to a patch of creative wonderland.


Rock Gardens

You don’t even need a green thumb. You can create a rock garden made up of beautiful stones and grounding rocks. If you like, you can add some well-placed crystals. A small area for contained gravel-like rocks with a miniature rake can transform into a Zen experience as you draw with the tool, creating shapes and patterns, before clearing it away again. These markings can represent stress or concerns as you move through changing them and then wipe the slate clean to begin again. Gardens teach many lessons about life.

Fairy Gardens

All the rage now, an area of yard or a flower pot on a balcony can be designated as a fairy garden. You can plant a few flowers, a vine, or a few grass seeds that will serve as tall trees to your fairy friends. An acorn top becomes a hat, cinnamon sticks are logs on a campfire. Your imagination gets unleashed as you search for natural elements to adorn the homes of your fairies.

Flower, Herb, or Vegetable Gardens

Of course the traditional form of gardening offers great reward. If you’re not a seasoned gardener, start small with a few plants that will provide the greatest experience of success. Zucchini are prolific growers so maybe just plant a zucchini garden. Research how to plant them, harvest them, and prepare them. Search for recipes for zucchini bread (I add nuts and cacao or chocolate chips,) roasted zucchini, pasta primavera, salads, and more. Maybe you’ll choose to only grow herbs to be used in sachets, on the grill, in sauces and pestos, or to flavor your food as a garnish.

Sensory Experiences in the Gardens

Savor the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of whatever atmosphere you create. Invite color, wind chimes, bird baths, mint, stones, statues, garden stakes, outdoor furniture, and unexpected elements to make it uniquely your own.

Most important?

Stay enchanted!

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