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Funny Stories? Document Them So They Don’t Get Lost

Funny Stories? Document Them

Funny stories? Document them or the Dragons will hide them at the bottom of a trunk they have buried in Iceland. Last week we talked about retrieving funny memories, from under the stress that covers them. This week we’re paying attention to writing them down or recording them in some fashion, after they occur. Sometimes, they’re caught on video in real time. Take the extra step to make a folder to house these videos or journal entries in one place.


Too Priceless To Have Forgotten

What follows is one of my favorite memories of a hilarious incident that occurred with a mistaken action I took in front of a New York City police officer. Had I not written it in my journal, it might have been lost forever.

Stripping in NYC

This incident occurred when I was single and living in New York City. It still makes me laugh out loud ’til my ribs ache. My friend, Jackie, loved coffee and wanted me to try it. I was, and still am, a die-hard tea drinker. I humored her and had a cup at a little street café near our apartment building. It was a frigid day where our breath hung in the air, a good day for hot coffee.

Even though half of my cup was filled with milk, within a short time, I was twitching and shaking because I don’t do caffeine. Clearly, I don’t do it well. Jackie suggested we walk the few blocks to Pottery Barn, thinking the cold air would do me good. Once there, I wandered to a corner of the store while Jackie looked at glass vases. I was embarrassed to be in a drenching sweat, hands trembling from 1/2 cup of coffee when she downed several cups of black coffee, daily.

Just Trying To Cool Off

I quietly pulled off my scarf and stuffed my gloves in my pocket. I removed my hat, (resulting in crazy hat hair) and slipped out of my down coat. Still wiping rivulets of sweat from my upper lip, I removed my boots, peeled off my leg warmers, and was unbuttoning only a few buttons of my blouse when a police officer stepped around the corner of the glassware display and told me to stop right there.

I’m such a law-abiding citizen, but when he commanded me to stop stripping and told me to step outside for a sobriety test, I started laughing uncontrollably. It only worsened when I saw Jackie’s shocked expression as she watched me through the window. My legs wobbled as I tried to walk in a straight line in my stockinged feet, while alternating hands to touch the tip my nose.

She rushed outside, professed my innocence to the officer and confessed her addiction to coffee and how she had tried to hook me. I had passed the sobriety test and apologized for irreverently laughing. Then, the officer laughed, too, and asked where the coffee shop was, saying he needed a jolt of that kind of happiness.

What a joy it is to remember funny incidents like this. One memory often triggers another, but record your funny stories or they will get away from you. You think you’ll remember, but life gets in the way and the next thing you know, you’ll realize it’s been a long time since you’ve really laughed.

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