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Funny Moments Etched in Your Memory-Time to Retrieve Them

Funny Moments Etched in Your Memory

Funny Moments can be etched in your memory and retrieved to enjoy again. This is our first Enchanted Breath of the month, in which we focus on Enchanted Key #6-Humor.

For this exercise, I’ll ask you to recall a time in which you experienced a funny moment that bonded you to another person.


Focus on Retrieving Joyful Memories

Most people can dredge up awful memories easily. However, when I ask people to recall funny moments, often their Dragons instantly give them amnesia. It’s as if nothing funny has ever happened. Is that going on for you right now? If so, no worries.

I actually experienced that in preparation for writing this post. I quieted myself and meditated on the act of laughing. At first I was just sitting here, eyes closed, smiling. I felt the well of laughter bubble up, still not connected to a specific incident. Then suddenly, I recalled two or three times in which I laughed nearly uncontrollably. It seems that most of my experiences involved not being allowed to laugh at the time, for one reason or another, and having to stifle myself until later.

One of My Funny Moments

I’m a union actress and was performing a scene with a friend of mine, for a showcase. We had performed it several times and were up to the part in which we were engaged in a heated argument. For some reason, he was standing closer to me than usual and leaned in, just at the time I was shaking my finger at him. My long, manicured nail, attached to my finger, went right up his nose. From the startled look on his face, the tears that sprung to his eyes, and his lips that were pressed together so tightly I thought they’d disappear, I knew that he was about to lose it. Nothing in the world was funnier to me than that moment but I would not break character and ruin the scene. Neither would he. Tears streamed down my face and we carried on until the end. Once off stage, at the completion of it all, we dropped to the ground and dissolved into fits of side-splitting laughter. For several minutes, we were unable to share with our bewildered cast members what had prompted our behavior. Still to this day, we can travel right back to that shared moment, doubling over in laughter, each time we recall it.

Connect With Your Funny Moments

Now for your Enchanted Breath, inhale deeply, filling your lungs with air and then exhale, releasing tension fully. Inhale again, and exhale, this time letting go of tension from your muscles and nerves.

Recall a time in which you shared a funny moment with another person. Maybe it was yesterday, during your Fourth of July celebration, or perhaps it was a long time ago. Search your memory bank. Where were you? Who were you with? What occurred that brought laughter?

Relax and smile. Let the well of laughter bubble up for you and connect you to the memory. Enjoy it. Continue to breathe in deeply and release. Return your attention to the present. Share the story with someone else. Maybe it’ll spark a funny moment for them.

Ahhh. Such a wonderful way to reduce stress.

Question of the Day

What kind of humor do you enjoy?

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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